I Can Do It, But It Hurts So Badly.

I totally have the tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve.  When I love someone, I pour it all out, I answer their calls and texts and really never leave them guessing about how I feel about them.


Well, one day a guy I was TOTALLY into blew me off for about the 5th time.  My friend was there witnessing me texting him that I was SO disappointed and I missed him.  He barely asnwered.  She told me that I should act a little more like I don't care either way; that he was just a piece of ***. So, as it turned out, one of the guys I graduated from lawschool with made partner in his firm and invited some of us out to celebrate.  I wasn't going to go, but after I got rejected, I decided "Why not?"


So, I texted said guy back that I was fine with being dumped and I was going out anyway.  Well, he texted me all night and even called to make sure I got home at like 5 am.  I just kept up my "whatever" attitude. 


I have found this works in all areas of life, sadly.  It seems that people respect you more if you act like you could care less about them.  I hate it because I care SO much for those I love.  But when I show it, I get kicked in the teeth!!!


There are exceptions and I can let my wall down with some people.  Those are the ones I hope stay around.

patchworkofmistakes patchworkofmistakes
26-30, F
Feb 18, 2010