I Pretend To Have Huge Breasts In Public.

Well, where to start. My name is Chelsea, but my friends call me Samantha. I'm 28, and I live in the southern US. I'm kind of pretty, and (because this story is going to seem a little gender inappropriate), I am, in fact, a girl. And since I was a teenager, I've pretended to have breasts larger than my own. Early on, this started out with me, alone at home, while parents/room mates were away. I would stuff towels under my shirt to make it look like my breasts were enormous, and would just go about my business in the house. Now, years later, the whole thing has been refined, turned into a disguise that I get a kick out of donning.

Why? Why do I do this? First of all, nobody knows that I have this... fetish, could be the right word. Not my parents, not my best friend, and not even my husband. For me, it's always been very private and personal--something about me having a dirty little secret that's all mine.

I'm a normal girl. I live in a little apartment, have a normal job, a normal family, a fine upbringing, and am actually really happy. But sometimes, when I can steal away for a day, I'll go into the city, where I don't know anyone. I'll put on a wig, and will pull out my kit: a selection of large-sized bras and some clothing I've purchased to look flattering on the large-breasted version of me. And then, I have a technique involving garbage bags, large water balloons and pantyhose. I fill the balloons with water, and how much I fill them depends on my mood. Some days I'll increase my perfectly adequite natural 34C cups to an F, or a G cup. Some days' I'll pull out the big guns, and will pretend to be an M on an N cup (the largest bras they sell). Then, I'll hop in the car, and will drive into town to run some errands.

The thing is, it looks really real. I dress carefully so that everything looks natural, and in the bras, the fake 'boobs' actually look and behave really normally. After a whole day of this, I sometimes forget what I'm doing--I'll get comfortable and natural pretending to be a brunette version of myself (with huge boobs), and will catch myself snapping back into reality when I notice that someone is doing a double take.

It's fun, my little secret. That's why I do it. I've developed relationships of sorts with the people I see frequently--baristas, clerks at stores--who only know me by this persona. Nothing ever romantic (I love my husband), but it has led to some interesting conversations, and blunt questions. :P

In the future, I'm looking forward to seeing if I can go even bigger. I'd love to find an oversized bra that I could stuff to being huge. It would be so much fun to go hobbling down the street, lugging such huge breasts around--the empowerment of knowing that everyone is awed by such large appendages--it's a feeling that's difficult to describe.

I know it seems weird. But I know that, and still love doing it. I dunno. A few times, I've pretended to be massively pregnant. It was actually really impressive--I looked like I was about to burst with triplets. People were very considerate, but there was a certain tension that existed too, especially with guys. The fact that I also had two H-cup breasts perched on top of my belly probably didn't hurt that either. It was about half way through the day when I realized how difficult it was getting to walk, and by the end of the day, I was hobbling around like crazy.

So I dunno. Thought maybe I might not be such a freak, and maybe this is a bit more common than I think it is. Probably not, but it never hurts to check. So if you can identify, It'd be fun to talk.

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You're definitely not crazy! Don't worry hun!