Truck Show Crowd

While me and my wife were trying to find seats for the upcoming burnout contest at the the show's grandstand. my wife walked yp past the crowd the had formed in front of the grandstand seats. She walked up the steps to see if she could find a seat for us. Now she was wearing jean shorts i had cut short so you could se her as just walking around, plus i put holes in them so you could see her pink panties she was wearing. Now where the story turn fun is she didn't realize how short the were if she bent over. When she got to the top of the stairs the female usher was trying to help guide her to a seat but my wife couldn't hear her over the loud crownd. So my wife bent over to talk to her exposing her beatiful *** and pink panties to the crowd off about a hundred or so guys. when she came back i asked her if she realized what she didn't and she just laught and said no. I then told her i had hoped her panties didn't ride up and leave anything else exposed. She then got that sexy little grin reached down and fixed her panties from under her shorts. So i'm thinking the got more.
kinkycouple56 kinkycouple56
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1 Response Aug 12, 2010

I love it when a girl bends over and you can see that her panties have ridden up into her *****! Once, I was on the Mass Pike, and stopped for lunch, and as I was walking out, a couple was getting out of their car.She was wearing a white cotton sundress, and bent over the open trunk to get some stuff, and her skirt rode up halfway onto her *** cheeks, and I could see her panties were sideways so they only covered her right cheek, her whole left side and crack was showing...