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After The Beach...

Those of you who have read my other stories know that I have been getting bolder with my lack of panties excursions over time. This past summer I got the overwhelming urge to show my puss to a few more people. I was still a bit nervous about flashing strangers and maybe getting into a situation I couldn't control, but also didn't want friends thinking less of me, so I had to figure out a way to make it seem completely accidental. I got my chance when myself, two girlfriends and two guy friends all went to a beach a few hours away from town one afternoon. I wore a tight, short denim skirt and a halter, with my bikini underneath. I 'conveniently' forgot to bring and bra or panties. I made sure that I got into the middle of the back seat on the way down to test how much would be on display. With my legs on either side of the bump in the floor, I was definitely in a most 'unladylike' position. My one girlfriend was driving, and the other was sitting next to me. I saw the guy in the front passenger seat take a few looks at my bikini bottom on the way to the beach, and got a bit nervous about the ride home! But, it was too late to back out now!

We had a good time at the beach, had some drinks, and did a bunch of swimming. I made sure that just before we were leaving, I had a good swim so that my bikini would be too wet to wear home. I was a bit nervous of doing the next step in front of my girlfriends, but got my chance when they went to the washroom. I pretended to look through my bag, taking everything out and putting my best 'oh no' look on my face. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that my guy friends had noticed my concern and were watching me. I got up, towelled off, and said, 'well, I'm off to get changed'. I hoped that I had made it obvious that I only grabbed my skirt and shirt, and nothing else. I was shaking a bit as I got to the change room, and quickly got out of my bikini and into my tiny skirt and halter. My breasts aren't exactly huge, but checked myself in the mirror, and I think it was pretty clear that I wasn't wearing a bra. I walked back holding my bikini, and saw the guys both look at me, then my bikini in my hand, then each other. I felt a bit weak in the knees - it was actually kind of scary that it was going so closely to how I pictured it. Maybe I had been secretly hoping on some level that it wouldn't work. But there I was, with no way out now!

We walked back to the car, and the two guys fell behind us. I saw them talking quietly to each other, and wondered what they were up to. We got to the car, and slid into our seats, me back in the middle again. I looked out the window as the guy got into the front seat, doing my best not to actually tremble. I peeked out of the corner of my eye at him, and saw him turned around in the front seat staring at me. I willed him to not be so obvious, so that my girlfriends didn't pick up on anything, and thankfully he turned away after a few seconds. But I know from how I was sitting that he got a good look.

As we drove home, he kept finding reasons to turn around and talk to us. Every time, I saw his eyes dart down to my ***** as often as he could without staring. I kept pretending to be oblivious, mostly looking away, or pretending to doze off. I could see the guy sitting next to me in the back looking longingly at my skirt, and I knew he was dying to trade places with the guy in front.

I finally figured out what they had been planning when the guy in front announced he needed a pit stop about half way home. We all got out, and both guys jumped out of the car and positioned themselves perfectly to see up my skirt as I got out. I was almost dying by that point. When we went to get back to the car, the guys switched places, and for the rest of the trip it was his turn to check me out. I couldn't wait to get home and 'blow off some steam' if you know what I mean!

Ever since that trip, both guys have been really flirty with me, and talking about how we should go back to the beach again! I can't wait until I get another chance. It felt so good to go through with something that I had been fantasizing about for so long. But now I keep thinking about flashing a total stranger, and what that would be like....maybe next summer!

sammartynov sammartynov 26-30, F 46 Responses Jan 3, 2011

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Hey sexy lets go to the beach together..

Very hot story. Loved it.

Here is something you can do at the beach I get so emotional reading your stories, I always have a tissue handy. Wish ladies living near me were as bold as you.

I was at Haulover Beach a few years ago, there was this young lady on her back on a float. Here legs were wide open giving you a wonderful view. She kept it around the depth that if you were standing on the bottom, you could look at her wide open parts straight on. Everyone was getting a marvelous view and we kept the float slowly turning so all could see. She pretended not to notice. I am sure she was doing it because it was healthy. Ah the memories.

I love your playfulness!
You're just great, lady.
Thank you very much for sharing so exciting stories...

I wish i had friends like you!

You're bringing some serious goodwill to the world!!

You did a good deed. Those men really enjoyed looking at your slippery ***** and you know you enjoyed it too. I would have loved to be in their place.

I just love a woman who flashes.....mmmm

awesome once again

Hot story, love to hear about blowing off some steam too ;)

Man, that made me hard!!

thats awesome . :)

You are so sexy.

Everybody loves a good show..go for it!

that's a hot story! can't wait to read more.

my wife gets naked in risky places and it makes me so horny. I love when she does it too

great story...a break through for you, i think...i especially like when you referred to trembling when getting changed and sitting in the car at the beginning of the trip home...that is the feeling that keeps me's so intense and i can't get enough of it...

wow<br />
that's such a hot storry<br />
and I'm just trying to imagine the view

Definitely a trip to the beach they'll always remember :)

Sounds great! Good luck with the next time!

Sounds great! Good luck with the next time!

So hot!

A view I wish I had.....would love to see/hear more!

Such a lovely tease...keep it up

Once again, you made their respective days! Nice of them to share and switch seats on the ride home. Do you realize the happiness you are spreading? ;)

all of your stories are such a turn on i am hard as hell right now

That is so hot, so incredibly sexy. I love that you worked out a way to experience your fantasy and then made it a reality. Just so so sexy, if only i could accidentally be the accidental stranger when you finally get to live out your next fantasy.

Loved the story,and love to see more of you in the future, :)

Great story, you are so ready to take it all off in front of a whole lot of strangers . You've got to try a nude beach real soon...

hot story, want to go for a ride?