Golf Friends Get Horny!!!

     If you've read "Better than Golf", then you'd know that my husband's golf buddies sat on the back porch and got to "accidentally" watch me get ready for dinner. My husband loves and gets so excited when he sees this. This time, I was really loving it too. I could see them sitting on the porch looking at me, and when I stood at the mirror naked doing my makeup, I had to do everything to stop from dripping down my thighs. That's how wet I got. Maybe it was from the wine, better yet, 2 out of the 3 guys were gorgeous. 
    My husband picked out my dress for dinner that is very dangerous. I literally have to put double-sided tape on my breasts to hold the top of the dress to my chest. During dinner, we drank, and laughed a lot. It was me, my husband, and 3 guys. I really was loving the attention. After a few hours of sitting, going to the ladies room, in and out of the car, the tape wasn't doing it's job. We all had been drinking quite a bit, and at this point, I really could care less. One piece of tape fell off completely, and when I moved the material would shift exposing my boob. I could always tell because I'd see their eyes stare all at once. My husband was loving the fact that my nipple was out, and would even lean and kiss me purposely slide the material showing my breast. A few times I fixed it immediately. After a few drinks, I actually was getting hot when I saw the guys admire and stare. One time coming back from the ladies room, I leaned over getting the bread, and thought they were going to explode. My dress bowed open and when I sat down I didn't touch it. I was buttering the bread and saw my entire left breast.
     We all left the restaurant, and my husband told them to stop over for a nightcap. On the drive home, my husband was reaching over playing with my boobs since they were so available, as well as, sliding his hand between my legs and playing with my *****. I reached over and was rubbing his **** which was already stiff. I told him how horny and excited I was, and he told me that he almost came twice during dinner. He said he would love if I took a shower when we got home. I knew what he wanted. The shower window is next to the bedroom sliding glass doors that lead to the porch where they were sitting earlier. I got so excited earlier when I knew they were looking, I told him I was thinking the same thing. My ***** was soaked as he slid 2 fingers around my ****, and going in and out. I opened his pants, leaned down and swallowed his entire **** down to his balls, and sucked as I slowly pulled off. He came in my mouth as soon as I reached the tip. Perfect timing. 
     We got to the house, and we were all stumbling to the door. My husband and I were trying to hold each other up and laughing. We went in the kitchen and I got them all beer and myself a glass of wine. I stood pouring my wine and now both pieces of tape were gone. I leaned sideways on purpose to move the dress. The looks on these handsome guys drove me into a semi-frenzy. My husband led them to the backyard, put on music, and they all lit up cigars. My husband asked if I was going to join them and I him I needed a shower, and go enjoy their cigars. I walked in the bedroom, and before turning on the light, I looked through the semi-open verticals. I could see them perfectly as they lit their cigars. The 2 good looking hunks sat so they were facing the bedroom doors and I couldn't wait. I watched them sit down, then stuck my head out the door saying goodnight in case they weren't here when I got out. Again leaving the verticals open just a little more, now they were 1/2 way open. I was shaking and my knees actually felt like they were going to give way. The shower window is next to the sliding doors. When in the shower, it's low enough to see down to my waist.
   I was ready, I flipped on the light in the bedroom, then in the bathroom and turned on the shower. Looking out of the shower window, I could see the guys sitting at the table smoking their cigars and drinking. I took off my dress, and hung it up in the closet as they watched, then I hopped in the shower. First soaping up and watching slyly out to see their shock at the view. 
     When I washed my hair, I faced the window and got to see them all stand up and talk and smoke so they could get a better look. When I started shaving my *****, I was actually rubbing my **** to the point of having at least 2 outstanding *******. I was rinsing the conditioner out of my hair, and saw them shaking my husbands hand and saying goodbye. I got out of the shower, and my husband came in the front door, grabbed me, threw me on the bed, and gave me the best oral sex I've ever had.
   After a few more mind blowing *******, he turned me over and slid his **** in me from behind. He lasted about 5 minutes, and I think he came but stayed hard as a rock and kept going.
   I love when my husband gets that turned on.
That's the trick ladies. Make him crazy with lust, and they'll never want anything else.
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Wish you were my neighbor

I am shocked, shocked that this story doesn't have more comments.... you are, by far, the hottest woman on EP - thank you for being you.

That was an awesome story! Had me hard the whole story! Great pics!

brillisnt story!

That is an amazing story. Beautiful photos as well. I am a fan.