Flashing And Being Naughty

I love to play around when I'm out and about. Love to flash and pretend it was an accident. I specially love it when other wifes get upset with their man because they could not help it and had to look at my ****, ***** or ***.

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I'm just the same, its great fun

Hooray for the little moments !!! <br />
A few seconds of joy and sharing can bring so much to someone's life, how can we not do it? if it's that easy to make another person happy, shouldn't we embrace the chance to lift the spirits of our fellow humans?<br />
<br />
Do you flash females too? You might be surprised how many looks you get, not necessarily sexual interest, but a special kind of curiosity.<br />
<br />
Keep up the good work!

I found flashing women a bigger turn on knowing they will do all they can to keep their partners attention

I worked with a pretty young lady who always wore the minimum clothing and no bra. The job entailed a lot of bending over and I always walked around with a perpetual hardon. I enjoyed myself for a couple of years doing this then a man I worked with got his wife a job with us and his wife put a stop to this. She came back to me and said that they had told her she had to quit showing her nipples. I told her that was why we worked so good together, she lokid to show and I liked to look.<br />
ludvig<br />
Ah for the good old days, can anybody show me some nipples?<br />

I think getting upset at a guy for looking is like getting upset at a dog when they lick their balls. Seems it's just natural for them. I point out the flesh bits for my boyfriend. Now if he touches and spends a little too much time flirting, then we will have a problem. bam

occasional flash is fun, but i'd never get beyond down blouse, and bending over.. couldn't dare to flash my ***** or bare boobs ( nipples including)

...or how 'bout leaning over to pick up something when you have a low cut top!!! that's the best!

yes its fun!!!