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We go on "braless" lunch and dinner dates on occaison and I also used to wear the same things to my bartending job. I usually wear either something fairly sheer or low cut and loose. I always start out a little nervouse gain confidence as time goes by and I see favorable stares.


I very much enjoy if I see a man or group of men trying to get a good look, if it is a sheer top I try to give them a good angle to see as much as possible. If I have a loose low cut top I will make an "accidental" nipple slip and pretend not to notice for as long as possible which can be very exciting! One of the most fun I had was at work, I wore a loose button down ruffled blouse that had a hard time keeping my **** contained. My customers seemed to be really enjoying the tease, as the night went on I got more comfortable and unbuttoned the top button which of course caused more slips with either one or the other being completely exposed. Everyone was enjoying the show and so was I so undid one more button than guarenteed full exposer every time I leaned to hand someone a drink or almost any other reason, as they would fall out I would cover tthem up quickly only sometimes letting it all hang out pretending to not notice right away Later in the night and a couple drinks later the guys would make a little comment here and there and I was starting to have a lot of fun with it! The bar is horseshoe shaped and just about everybody was sitting on one side of it, I had to go to the other side to get another bottle of Yeager off of a bottom shelf. While bent over I moved my blouse so that both of my **** were completely out,grabbed the bottle and walked back around to the side of the that every body was sitting replaced the empty bottle with the new one and turned to the guys and asked "does anyone need anything?" I stood for a few seconds while they looked and said nothingthen said "oops" and covered them up, sort of;) A few of the guys made a collective "awe" We all laughed and I spent the wrest of my shift neraly topless!



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should just tooken your top all the way off

love that story.

Great story. ******* n beer... nothing better!

Exibition done with taste.<br />
You must get pretty w*t by the end of the night.<br />
That is what I call forplay for hours.<br />

I would love my wife to do something like that...sounds like a lot of fun

I totally agree with you about children. My wife and I are very careful about that. It has to be in a place where children are not permitted or that children just don't go to. Flashing our friends at home is always a safe option.

you need to wear a remote egg to the pub that would be real hot to hear about

You have just become my favorite bar tender. No doubt, I wouldn't leave your bar until my wallet was empty. No doubt, I would have fed your tip jar often. Where else do you flash your boobs? Do you wear skirts?

ohh, and Michty, your husband is very lucky :)

I had a very busty girlfriend once and when we went out I always encouraged her to wear dresses that really showed off her bountiful cleavage. I loved the thought that other guys would see them and want them badly, but at the end of the night, I would be the lucky guy to suck and play with them.

Very exciting, and I know you enjoyed it as much as your customers did. Keeps them coming back for more.

My wife has a whole set of special blouses just for those kinds of activites.

I've done that too! Hubby just loves it when one of the "girls" slips out "accidentally" and I get a huge thrill (not to mention lots of lovin' later)!