The Ac Repairman ---

He showed up early, so I it helped me get away with my little act !  .. when he rang the doorbell, I 'had' to greet him braless in a tight white tee shirt and PJ shorts --- my hair really was still wet from the shower .. He was a much older man than I expected and he tried very hard to keep his eyes off my nipples while we talked and as I led him up the stairs to the thermostat, I stopped right as I got to the top and bent over from the waist to pet my dog.. (bless his heart for being there and helping with my tease) he was a couple of stairs behind me so I'll never know if he got a good look at my *** or if it was more aimed toward his crotch!  We went back downstairs to look at the inside unit -- for a moment I actually stood outside the little closet area it's in, but he asked me to come in there to show me the filter... He stayed crouched position with his knee down so as I stood beside him I knew he could look right up my shorts to see my freshly shaved mound --- I stayed there with my legs slightly spread listening very intently as he explained how the filter worked and if it was dirty blah blah blah -- he would move his little flashlight as he gestured between the filter and me-- I knew he was shining it up my leg for a better look..but I just smiled and nodded, pretending I really cared about AC filters ..... once he changed the filter, he wanted to take a look outside to make sure everything was okay --- even though I didn't have to, I followed him outside --- it was only about 55 degrees here this morning and it made my nipples hard as daggers... I knew there was a place on the outside unit where the weedeater hit it last year, but he didn't and when I bent down to take a closer look, I barely rubbed my breast against his arm...  I stood up quickly after that hugging myself and saying I was so cold --- he didn't even take his eyes off my nipples while he answered he'd finish up and ring the doorbell when he was done.. as I was bending over the table writing his check, it didn't surprise me a bit he dropped his own pen and had to sqat down right behind me to pick it up.. I know he just wanted one last look --- i was so turned on at this point, i know it had to be a wet one...

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As an ac repairman i thank you ive only had a few nip slips .

That's very naughty. I think you need a spanking:)

What fun for you both!

Read a couple of your stories now, (may be busy for a while now!) but will come back to read more later. x Please , please, add me.

Your stories are awesome!

Thanks for sharing a great story....the guy probably went back and told everyone that he wants any return calls no matter what....haha

Love a good tease!

Wow! Love that story I could picture it so clearly! The tight shirt and pj shorts Hot Hot Hot. Love when my wife gives up short peeks to people it's so hot.

u r so naughty lol

very hot story......wish I could see up your shorts too....just a few hairs....WOW! Can we be friends?

What a story!!! <br />
<br />
You are soooooo naughty girl. Tee, hee, heee<br />
<br />
That poor guy probably had to go home and change his short... er something...LOL

Humm hard nipples under white tshirt!

I'm sure your AC needs another service. Phone me and i will service you and the AC.

thank you for that story hun

Great story, wish I'd been the lucky guy!

Wow that is very hot.I worked in a womens shoe store and I would get customers that would flash while trying on shoes.That was hot and my fav job when I was going through school.

love your story! Sure would get my attention! You would sure know from how my bulge would grow!

Would I love to live next to you!!!

WOW! Thats so HOT!

I never have the courage to do that at home, especially with strange men in my house. The thoughts are always there though, and your boldness is admirable.<br />
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Great work, CuteePie ! And I too am an equal opportunity flasher... the older guys, the geeks, the gays, the wives, they all deserve a peek. Bless you for sharing ! At home and here with your story.<br />
<br />

awesome story!!!!

How thoughtful of you....and you both loved it.

Good story, bless ladies like you. There is nothing better than a good tease, Well maybe a couple of things better.<br />