Pretended To Be A Guy Online

I pretended to be a guy online, I enjoyed the attention I got from being a guy, I felt people liked my personality more. I thought what I was doing was okay, but it really wasn't . I developed feelings for a girl, and lied for years. I wanted too be that person who made people, or her, feel good about herself, and loved. I enjoyed that somebody really wanted to listen to me for once, but in reality, it wasn't me who they loved, or who they wanted, it was who I was pretending to be. That was the hardest part for me to start to accept, they did not love me. They fell in love with a lie. So if you enjoy this feeling, enjoy the feeling of being somebody different, it doesn't last. Through all of this, I've realized I should have taken the time to understand myself, and be able to love myself, instead of seeking to be somebody else. Before you do this, think about the consequences of who you're hurting. Even if you're afraid that somebody won't understand you, or love the person you really are, somebody out there will.

The pain, the guilt, and the hurt you feel doesn't amount too the "good" "happy" feeling you get from doing this. Causing another person this type of hurt, is never worth it. If you truly loved them, and cared about them, you need to tell them. If they can't be in your life, all you need to seek is forgiveness within yourself. Somebody out there thinks you're beautiful, funny, and wants too love YOU.
808sandHeartbreaks 808sandHeartbreaks
Sep 24, 2012