Pretending With Peg Legs

This started even earlier, but when I was about 10 years old I built myself a peg leg. I would fold up my right leg inside my pants and walk around on it. After I became proficient at it, I thought one day "what if a one legged man had an accident, and lost his other leg? If he had a peg leg before, would he walk on his peg leg with crutches, like a man who lost a leg would walk on the remaining leg? After all, the peg leg would be his remaining leg." I decided to figure our if it was possible. I fashioned myself a pair of crutches, folded both legs up, put on my one peg leg, stood up, and I taught myself to walk on just the one peg leg and crutches. Later on I decided if a one legged man could wear a peg leg, wouldn't a no-legged man be able to wear two peg legs? I made a second peg leg, and then I could walk on just the right peg, or the left peg, or both peg legs. I have always been able to walk better on the right peg, but it is much less work to use two peg legs. This continues even now, and I am still building peg legs for myself. These days, and for the last 40 years or more, I have been able to walk on two peg legs without any crutches. The only problem is I can't stand still, I tip over and fall if I don't have something to help me balance. Using just crutch tips for feet doesn't give you much surface area to work with. Sometimes I use just a little cane. I pick it up under my arm while walking, then put it down to help stop, or turn, and then balance. Even now I am in the process of building new sockets for my peg legs. The old ones are worn out, again. I can readjust them sometimes, but I have to replace them about every other year.
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Hello i use also one pegleg! I try to walk with it and a second artificial leg's it's for me very difficult even if i have crutch!
i prefer put two artificial legs and use my wheelchair it's very more easy!

Using a wheelchair is, of course, much easier. But when I started this, I didn't have access to a wheelchair. Not that I didn't try. A few times I tried putting my bicycle wheels under a regular chair temporarily, but it just didn't feel right. And I was afraid of getting caught, and having to explain what I was doing. The peg legs are easy enough for me, but I have been using them since about 1967 or '68. When I was younger, I used to be able to wear them for hours at a time. When I was in my 20s and 30s, and had my own apartment, I would wear my peg legs all day long. On weekends I would wear them from the time I got off work Friday evening, until Sunday night sometimes, even sleeping with my legs bound up. I am in my late 50s now, and cannot go for that long any more. But I should be losing my right leg pretty soon from an old injury, so I will not have to tie that leg back any more. I will finally become a real amputee.

I have been pretending since I was about 12 years old. But not in public. Today I have a pair of forearm crutches and sometimes I use a steel rod as a pegleg. I do not want to be a real amputee but on the other hand if I loose my leg just above the knee, it might be... Not so bad.:)

After all these years of pretending, I will be losing my right leg, below the knee, in about a month and a half. Old injury, lots of nerve damage and scar tissue. The good thing is the leg is otherwise pretty healthy, and should heal quickly.

Hopefully the amputation will be well done and with less pain and you will get a nice shaped stump.

I wish I could have some peg legs. Two. I imagine that I could be a triple amputee. I usually only bandage up my left arm to look like an AE amputee. It becomes sore really quickly to have my legs bound up. How do you do it? Also please tell me how to make a peg leg?

Have a look at this video:
This will tell you all you need to know to make a simple, functional peg leg. Have fun.