One Leg Pretending

I use to just do it at home. Now, after realizing that I am not alone, I have begun pretending in public areas too. I fold and wrap up my right leg tightly so I look like a real amputee. Some people stare, most go about their business. I just feel like the "real" me doesn't need a right leg.
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How does it feel when you pretend in public

Very good peaceful quiet relaxing natural proper

I stay in my room and pretend when my two friends come over I'll pretend around them because I told and showed them. At first they didn't know I did that when they found out I did that they just smiled and laugh. I keep this secret around everybody but they still keep it secret to this day. I want to go in public with one arm and no legs one day but shy to do it

That is quite understandable. I find that I attract a lot of stares. People make a point of driving close by in parking lots to look. Do what you are comfortable with. I started very gradually with going public. I do not go out in daylight unless I am out of town and locally after midnight. Perhaps you can try just one arm for starters it will attract little or no attention. But it is very therapeutic to be able to go outside.

I might try that what about one leg

What types have you tried

Yes I do that all the time. Definately do able plus you can still drive an automatic or even use public transportation. I have an oversize coat, knee length, intended for work, not dress so its stiff enough to hang in such a way that the foot bulge is covered. i was out for a total of 90 minutes last night, atm machine and two convenience stores. out of town two weeks ago I spent all of my time on crutches when out of my hotel room except to go to a sit down restaurant. probably into 8 or 9 different stores, fast food etc. a shopping mall. once you have your method figured out my best advice is do not react to others reacting to you. it keeps their attention down to a minimum. do not discuss your disability with strangers, or make excuses for being awkward. this keeps others attention to a minimum and less chance of scrutinizing you in any detail. it is quite an experience. try staying away from crowds until your movement is easy and fluid. using crutches is now totally natural to me, i do it without a second thought.

If I go in public what's the best way to start pretending in public you think I should start with

i am strictly right above knee. be careful as how you choose to go out, if anybody remembers you, your disability needs to be the same. or try different things in different regions. cheers.

I scared of that happening someone that knows you sees you pretending in public
I want to try one leg and no arms in public

Since it will be my first time pretending in public what is the best one to start

keep it simple first. Unless you have somebody to help you do something where you can manage alone. I would suggest missing only one arm at first. You should be able to do that for a long period of time without getting sore or tired. Maybe a heavy jacket or coat to help hide it.

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same with me. I have just spent a few days pretending in public and seem to have pulled it off pretty well.

The reactions of other is really interesting.

The people who look away on purpose.
The ones who stare but try to look like they are not to the point where their eyes appear out of focus.
The scanners who notice my crutches, look for the reason why I am using them then stay focused on my stump.
The stump spotters who visually go for my stump from the start.
Those who genuinely do not notice.
They eye contact people who did notice but do not stare.

It is wonderful to go out, no longer having to hide behind closed doors or drawn curtains. Peace.

I also pretend out in public as a leg amputee, the stares and conversations are exciting, no one has questioned my amputation other than how did you lose your leg. I can always come up with a excuse. les1

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Have you posted some videos on youtube? Could you share your secrets for making it look so convincing? Can you recommend a comfortable type or brand of crutch? I just spend a weekend going about outdoor for the first time, I am definitely thinking about going out in public.

I have been going outside myself, always not where I am known. The reactions of others are really something, genuinely friendly smiles and nice people to those who would not even bother to hold a door. Interesting to say the least, and always conversations about how my leg was lost. I never try to play for sympathy, I always say it is not a bother after all these years and I usually use a prosthesis.

The reactions are rally something else. Conversations go to how did I loose my leg, how many years ago, and what about prosthetics. I always smile back at the ones who look over and smile, especially the ladies. For some reason, many others always apologize for getting on the same elevator, or for not leaving 10 feet of clearance as opposed to 9,

I love to pretend to be a double ampute

I can't wait to get home so I can wrap my legs like I'm a double ampute

I have been pretending to be one-legged since I was about 12 years old and I have been pretending in public for many years. I like to use underarm crutches and to loosely pin up the empty left trouser leg over my 'stump'. I love to be seen by women as an amputee and have had many fantastic adventures talking to women while on one leg. I used to pretend to be one legged in front of the lady who cleaned my flat for over three years.<br />
I do it purely because I get a sexual turn on from it. Unlike many I do not hide behind or claim to have BIID. I pretend because I just like to feel and look one legged. I am also a devotee of one legged ladies preferably left above knee

I also pretend with crutches and a wheelchair, moving in front of a mirror or a window out in public is very exciting. In warm weather I wear oversize shorts with my stump covered with a nylon hose with crutches,I also love to be seen by women and try to hold a conversation with them. les1

any arm pretenders out there???

How is it pretending to have one arm or no arms

I have a fascination with hooks. Doesn't everybody?


You must be attracted to amputee labies with left above knee

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