One Leg Pretending

I use to just do it at home. Now, after realizing that I am not alone, I have begun pretending in public areas too. I fold and wrap up my right leg tightly so I look like a real amputee. Some people stare, most go about their business. I just feel like the "real" me doesn't need a right leg.
ampspotter ampspotter 36-40 3 Responses Dec 26, 2011

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I also pretend out in public as a leg amputee, the stares and conversations are exciting, no one has questioned my amputation other than how did you lose your leg. I can always come up with a excuse. les1

I love to pretend to be a double ampute

I can't wait to get home so I can wrap my legs like I'm a double ampute

I have been pretending to be one-legged since I was about 12 years old and I have been pretending in public for many years. I like to use underarm crutches and to loosely pin up the empty left trouser leg over my 'stump'. I love to be seen by women as an amputee and have had many fantastic adventures talking to women while on one leg. I used to pretend to be one legged in front of the lady who cleaned my flat for over three years.<br />
I do it purely because I get a sexual turn on from it. Unlike many I do not hide behind or claim to have BIID. I pretend because I just like to feel and look one legged. I am also a devotee of one legged ladies preferably left above knee

I also pretend with crutches and a wheelchair, moving in front of a mirror or a window out in public is very exciting. In warm weather I wear oversize shorts with my stump covered with a nylon hose with crutches,I also love to be seen by women and try to hold a conversation with them. les1