I Am An Arm Amputee Pretender - Today I Will Go Public!

I will go to the atm at the mall with my left arm bound up to look like an above elbow stump. Not many people know me here. I never see anyone I know when I go to the mall. How do you think everyone will react! Will they stare at the pretty one-armed lesbian? Will they even notice. What is the best way to make and above eblow stump look most realistic? I would love to have my arm amputated for real. Even when my arm is not bound, I try to use only my right hand for doing things.
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3 Responses Jan 20, 2012

I pretend quite often with a modified hook. Its quite a hoot! The hook is so obvious & out there.

Love your story, I also go out in public as a arm amputee, its hard to hide your arm stump folded up,but a larger jacket,shirt or blouse will help. As I am a leg amp pretender in public I wear large pants or shorts to cover my bulge using crutches,using a wheelchair the bulge is hidden until you have to leave the chair.Great story

Well. My arm is quite painful after having it bound so long! My stump did look very thick, but I made sure the tip of my 'stump' was sticking out of the bottom so that people could see the bandages which would hopefully explain the thickness! I was wearing a tight 3/4 sleeve leather jacket with pointy shoulders (this helps to balance out the bulk of my wrist and hand at my shoulder. I did get many stares. It was very nice. I wished my stump was thinner and much shorter.