Great Pretending

As a little boy I was captivated by persons with a missing a limb or walking on crutches. I dreamed of a white long leg cast, but unfortunately I never needed one. When I had grown up I still had that strange desire of being an amputee and so I decided to buy a pair of forearm crutches. I folded my left leg back and bandaged it which made it look like a stump. Walking on crutches as an amputee and watching my empty trouser leg falling down aroused me sexually.
Later I tried to build a selfmade pegleg. It took me several months and many prototypes until I had a satisfying pegleg which allowed me to take little walks.
But I wanted more: a real prosthesis. I was very lucky to find a wonderful old wooden prosthesis on Ebay. That moment where my stump slipped into the socket and I could take my first steps was overwhelming. Now I felt as a real amputee. Again and again I looked down to my feet, right foot real, left foot prosthetic and couldn’t believe it. I was happy.
Later I bought a modern prosthesis with an Otto Bock knee joint. With this prosthesis I can walk almost perfectly, even over longer distances and stairs up and down. I should like to do that all day. I never feel better than in those moments where I pretend being an amputee.
I started to make little videos of myself which i published on youtube. You can watch them under:
On the internet I realized that there are many persons in the world who have similar desires. Wannabes, devotees, pretenders…. and even amputee models. I’m always wondering why there are so many male persons admiring female amputees and so few women admiring onelegged men. I talked to some of them about my passion, but of course I would prefer to meet a real person who shares my feelings.
My friends and my familiy would never understand my passion, so I keep it strictly as a secret. Nevertheless I have a great desire to pretend in public. For several times I visited crowded places far away from home, still afraid that there would be somebody recognizing me. Usually people don’t take attention on me. Though I’ll never forget that astounded glance of a beautiful young woman beholding me and my sandals while suddenly realizing my left prosthetic foot.
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

There are girls out there that admire/are attracted to one legged men (like me)! Unfortunately, at least from what the internet shows, this little corner of the world is dominated by men attracted to female amputees. I've pretended a few times, but am not as into it as I am attracted to amputees.
I wish you the best of luck though in finding a comfortable place to pretend in public

Oh and your videos are great :)

thanks for your kind comment, i've read your story too and i liked it! it's so good to know people like you who have similar feelings. whish you the best luck too and hope you'll find a real nice amputee boy friend!

I'm glad you like my videos :))