Dress Up Pregnant

I dressed up 9 mos pregnant out walking around. I went to a store and sales lady asked when I am due and I said not for another month. She looked surprised and asked if this is my first. I wore a wig and have butt and hip padding so noone will recognize me. I perfected the walk and looked like it was really uncomfortable and pregnant. Some lady on the street asked me if I am okay when I stopped and touching my belly. I think it look pretty realistic and people really believe I am pregnant. It was very exciting and I got other pregnant woman looking at me too.
audrey3529 audrey3529
36-40, F
5 Responses Aug 7, 2010

I love this! Wish I had been with you when you did it. Please do more.

Sounds like a lot of fun you had.
Hope you have the time to enjoy and repeat that more often.

something to look forward to when i start

try it bollebuikjesfan all you need is a wig and some huge women sun glass i do it all the time oh and a over head dress or huge sweat suit

super ! I would love to do that too !