The Pa Who Loves Her Silky Nylons

After obtaining my law degree i acquired a position in a well known law practice in the city and i had been working there for about two years when I developed a very friendly relationship with a particular girl who was a personal assistant to one of the senior partners. We got to know each other pretty well and often had lunch together and began to develop a mutual fondness for each other. We also used to meet each other at the train station in the city each morning and stroll to the office together and return together to the station at the end of the working day. I was doing my articles at this stage of my employment with the firm.
Her name was Christine. After a period of time we got friendlier and inevitably our conversations began to touch on intimate topics. In cutting to the chase for example, one day i asked her what colour panties she was wearing and she replied blue. I then asked her what fabric her panties were made of, hoping she would say nylon, and to my delight she replied nylon. I then began to feel a little horny. I then asked Christine if she was wearing a slip under her skirt hoping she was and she responded in the affirmative. I said oooow that sounds lovely. I also asked her the colour of the slip and she said it was navy blue nylon with a two inch lace hemline. She commented i hope that what i told you has made your day. I said Christine indeed it has. I was feeling even hornier after hearing that and subsequently felt some pre-*** wetness treakle into my satin boxers. During the day i could not stop thinking about the lingerie Christine was wearing and enjoyed a hard on for the rest of the day. A couple of days later whilst walking to the station after work we were approaching a laneway we often walked passed and as we reached it, we instinctively looked at each other rather invitingly, and began to divert up the laneway which had a very discreet fire exit doorway that we discovered approximately 40 meters down. We stepped into the doorway and began to kiss and embrace without adieu. I recall my hands clapsed Christines lovely firm and tort butt cheeks through her skirt. She was wearing a pencil skirt and as i caressed her beautiful curvaceous *** through her skirt i could feel her panties and her pantielines as well as a slip under her skirt. Christine felt so gorgeously soft, sensual, feminine and sexy. I drew her closer to me so she could feel how hard she had made my ****. She said you feel so very firm as i pressed it against her. I knew that within myself that the sensual silky layers combining her sexy skirt and the panties and slip Christine was wearing was also heightening my sexual arousel. I whispered in her ear that her silky smooth panties and her silky slip felt heavenly against her lovely figure, she smiled and we kissed passionately. Then i told her i would love to rub my **** against her silky smooth slip and she said ''ummm sounds like fun''. Rather suprisingly, Christine said ''would you prefer to do it facing me or if i turned around and you can rub your penis against my slip and panties''. ''I said i would love you to turn around because i would just love to try that against your lovely silky ***''. Christine then turned around. I lifted her skirt to discover a green shiny silky smooth nylon half slip with a three inch lacey hemline. The slip was a firm fit and encased her adorned the contours of her figure breathtakingly. The skirt was lifted upto her waistline and i could see all of her half slip. I lowered my pants and pulled my ****, now fully extended, out of my underwear and drew myself closer to her body. As my **** came in contact with her silky nylon very pretty green slip i pressed it firmly against her ***. I placed it in a vertical position so the shaft could rub up and down Christines green nylon luxurious silky nylon slip. As my **** slid up and down the silky smooth nylon slip my hands caressed Christine's thighs and hips as i felt her silky nylon panties under her green slip. The feeling of the the hardness of my **** rubbing against the silky nylon layers of her slip and panties shot electrifying sensations through my fully extended ****. Christine knew i was really enjoying rubbing my **** against her green nylon slip covered *** and kept encouraging me to continue to rub myself against her slip and i did. After several moments Christine spread her legs apart a little, i gripped her hips felt her panties under her slip, lined my **** between her *** cheeks and in thrusting up and down motions increased the intensity gradually. My hands moved to the front of her slip and i began to caress her ***** through her slip as i continued rubbing my **** against her silky nylon adorned ***. She felt gloriously smooth and silky as she moaned with sighs of pleasure as my forefinger and middle finger pleasured her ***** through the double layers of silky smooth nylon slip nd panties. As our mutual desire imploded to passionate proportions i beckoned Christine to turn around and we kissed as my stiff **** pressed against her slip. She wrapped her arms around me pulling my body hard against hers as my hands gripped her silky curvaceous *** and caressed it in a circular motion. My **** was now engorged.
After several minutes of this intense rapture Christine's felt my hard **** with her right hand and played with it. Then her hands moved to her thighs and she began to pull up her slip revealing the lace patterned tops of her silky sheer black thigh high stockings and her silky matching green nylon bikini panties. She held her slip up with her right hand and then pulled her nylon panties aside revealing her smooth shaven swollen *****. It was so beautifully enticing. I caressed it and soon detected she was very wet. I then rubbed the head of my **** against her ***** as she leaned against the brick wall, spread her legs and then i slid my **** inside her *****. My hands clutched her silky *** as i thrusted my **** deep inside her ***** as she held my waist as the sensations of the pleasure we gave each other soon soared. Our mutual desire imploded and inexorably we simultaneously orgasmed explosively. Our mutual sighs we struggled to contain as our bodies joined together by my **** enjoyed the gratification akin to the outer limits of orgasmic pleasure. When we had finished Christine looked very contented happy and satisfied and so did i. She knew the massive extent that her silky green nylon and lace slip and her silky nylon panties had fueled our sexual pleasure. We reorganized our clothing and speared away down the laneway toward the train station.
Suffice to say it was one unforgettable sensual and very sexy silky nylon sexual experience with Christine. It didnt end there.
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wow so sexy I have to admit it make me rethink the feel of slips and panties

Thank you babytagalong. Yes definitely re-think the feel of panties and slips.

I think there is nothing sexer than a feel and look of some one dressed up man or woman

A glorious story that has me on the edge. Very well written, thank you for the images.

Many thanks Deven for your very nice comments. Much appreciated. The images are my pleasure.

Ummm..Great story..;-)

Thank you angiecan.

Beautifully written and what an experience...oh my...just the thought of such an adventure...just the see what you've done...Wow.