I love wearing panties. I have been wearing panties 24/7 for many years now.  I love the softness and the feel of panties.  It is such a delightful feeling.

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Lovely feeling next to the skin.

Yes, it's a lovely feeling.

i love seeing men in panties and lingerie with theyre aroused parts.

Thank-you for your comment.

i wear and sew my own and make my own diapers and plasticpants too.

That is a good skilll to have.

Panties are all I own and all I wear, yes even to the doctors office also. I feel they are more comfortable, better selection, more colors, better materials, just way better all around.

I agree with you.

me too .every day

How long have you been wearing panties?

been wearing panties for40

About 45 years now.

Same thing for me. I love to wear panties. They are so feminine and fun to wear that sometimes you just hate to take them off. But when I do, there is always another pair ready to go right back on.

So true. Another pair to put on in their place,