Scared... My husband is leaving for prison next week for 2 years. I'm already going through emotions of lonliness and crying. He's all I have besides God. My boys are adults now. (THANK GOD). I hope the time flies by. Post on their Wall
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I know this is super scarey for you! I would also be scared if I were you. Fortunately but unfortunately to some, the only way you are going to get through this is through a great deal of prayer. I do not know if you are a christian or not, but even if you are not, prayer does not take a great deal of energy or even commitment. Just try it. God WILL listen to you regardless. He is a loving God. When you feel sad and scared you should ask God to ease your heart. You may say this prayer over and over and over, it will work, God will hear you. It takes time to get into a new routine etc but time heals everything. Be strong in the Lord! The best thing about God is that he made us to be weak, he made us to be weak so we will ask him for help. If we were not weak, then we would never have a reason to turn to the Lord in the first place. God shows his strengths through our weaknesses! I will be praying for you over the next 2 years, and trust me, you WILL feel God tugging at you, saying things will be okay. I'm in a similar situation, and would not be able to deal with it alone. The greatest part of all is that, I'm too weak to deal with my situation on my own, and God is always there for me, just like he is here for you!