The Lacy Tickle And The Grip Of Lycra Make A Fall Day Special

When the aair is risp and hinting at frost and the house is all my own the razor slides across face and legs and the wardrobe changes. The smooth skin slips into the nylon lycra blends and the brushes and sponges slip new colors on face and lips. The wig covers over the hoary head and the heels make my legs strain. Now feeling the lacy at the hem of my slip tickle the stockinged legs I swell in the tight crotch of the bodybriefer as I hear the heels click on the floor. high heel hobbled I clean and cook, and thrill as I carry out the trash. How I would blush if the delivery van was to arrive while I did the outdoor chores. For thes few hours I can be the lady of the house.
Juliette2009 Juliette2009
66-70, M
1 Response Jul 12, 2010

I love it when winter is on its way! I can get my tights on. And they can show down at my feet, its OK I have thick black in as it looks like socks. I will have in thicker jumpers on and the bra straps are not seen.. Give a coldplace to live all year and I will be a happy girl!!