I Am A Private Cross Dresser

I like women's clothes, I like the way they feel and I like the way I feel when I am dressed up. I dress up for me in private and when I can I share my experince with my girlfriend. she supports me and likes to see me dressed up. We went shopping and swapped clothes
I cross dress for me.
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4 Responses Aug 5, 2010

It's certainly both a good but a paradoxical place to be; I guess ther more you like private crossdressing, and especially the more you feel confident with another, the more you want to be that bit more free with what you show when you go out. I do it for me; I feel fulfilled and I feel good, and buying and wearing more wonmen's things is an identity thing rather than a sexual rush. But I do catch myself sometimes being a bit unguarded in how much lace I show in places where it really wouldn't be understood, just because I'm getting much more used to it.<br />
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I have a very few people I trust with sharing my whole self, so it does all stay rather private. I told a friend everything recently, and the only clue she's ever had is the pretty lace showing through or over my shirt. Even taking to someone who really does understand is a wonderful support. Maybe one day I'll invite her round for dinner with me and my wife, and wear a nice skirt and blouse.<br />
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But the understanding and then the appreciation really can take a long time, even with those you love.

Seems your girlfriend is supportive, so maybe you should ask her to put some make up onto you, maybe she will enjoy it too. Maybe you start this with some yoke... "try to imagine me with make up..." or something else...

Only thing I can say is AMEN

I know what you mean I like wearing dresses and skirts most around the house they'er so comfoetable to wear I cross dress but not to look or feel feminine but for me I like the way I look and feel