I Love Wearing Nightgowns To Bed

The first time I slept in a nightgown was when I was 13.
I had already tried my mother’s nightgowns sometimes when my parents wern’t at home, but just for a few minutes at a time for fear of being discovered. This time it was different. My parents went abroad for a week and they left me at my aunt’s because I had to go to school. I carried with me clothes and books and all. My aunt lived alone in a flat. She was my mother’s younger sister and was not married at the time. I had stayed with her a few times before, and usually after dinner she changed in a nightgown and robe and we sat together on the sofa to watch tv or talk till bedtime. This time, after saying good night, I went to bed to discover I had forgotten to bring my pajamas. She saw me going to the bathroom in my underwear ad asked me why I had not my pajamas on. When I told her I had left it at home, she said I had to sleep in something and went to her room. To my surprise she came back with one of her nightgowns and gave it to me. It was a light blue silk long nightgown. I was very embarassed but at the same time I longed for that nightgown. At my protest she said it was too late to go home and take my pajamas, that it was not so terrible, that a long time ago all men slept in nightgowns. She added that it was much more comfortable and cozy than pajamas and that I just had to try it on to change my mind and that she would tell nobody. Tomorrow we would have gone to my house to take my pajamas. I hoped she wouldn’t see how aroused I was, so I told her I didn’t want to be seen by her while wearing a nightgown, so she went away and left me alone. My heart was beating furiously. A dream was coming true, I could sleep in a nightgown, and it wasn’t one of my mother’s cotton or flannel ones, this one was silk! When I put it on I understood at once what my aunt meant. It was the softest thing I had ever seen, it caressed my skin at every move I made. I went to the bathroom to look at the mirror, and I stayed there for a while, watching the nightgown flow on me and enjoying the sensation. I had goose bumps, maybe because it was a bit cold and the nightgown had flutter sleeves. I quickly returned to my room for fear of meeting my aunt and sneaked under the blankets. I put the little lamp I had in the bed to see how I looked in the nightgown, then switched it off and started to move in the bed to enjoy the feeling of being caressed by the silk. After a long time I fell asleep. The morning after it was Sunday so I could stay in bed late, but I woke early with a powerful erection. I realized I had slept in a nightgown and I ran to the bathroom. Then I returned to bed to enjoy its warmth and fell asleep again. My aunt came to wake me up toward noon, she sat on the bed and asked me how had I slept in the nightgown. I told her I had slept well and that she was right about nightgowns being better than pajamas, so she said I could use the nightgown as long as I stayed there. At the end of the week it was hard going home and sleep in pajamas again. I kept dreaming about nightgowns until I went to live on my own and bought some. Now I am married, my wife accepted my taste in sleepwear so I always sleep in a nightgown. I have quite a few, some were gifts from my wife.
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i like it nice

Great story. Lucky you. I'm more for sift nightgown nightshirts

Mother caught me sleeping in her gowns several times before I was 12 years old. At first I would have to undress, and then usually I would get a whipping when she caught me. It didn't hurt that much when mother would give me punishment. So I kept on sneaking into my parents room, rummaging through her closet to find sexy outfits to wear whenever I was home alone, or to put on late at night, when they were asleep. My favorite things to wear were her nightgowns. I loved how sleeping in mothers nightgowns, along with panties, bra, and hose whenever I could slip in and back out of her room un noticed. I really liked how excited I seemed to stay while wearing them. I liked the knee length satin and silk ones the best. Now that I am older, I wear a nice gown almost every night. I think I may have more in my closet than the misses does in hers. I still enjoy the soft fabric against my body.

I don't even know where to start...

Maybe I should start with when I started trying on my sisters panties at about the age of 10. I would feel them while helping fold laundry and wonder what it was like to wear them. I finally tried them on when my parents weren't home. I remember feeling so confused at how good it felt and knowing it was taboo. I couldn't help myself though, it felt so wonderful to wear them as they caressed my young body. As I got a little older I would sometimes put on a pair of her panties and go out hiking through the countryside where I would occasionally ********** because the feeling of wearing them got me so turned on. Eventually I began looking for more of that feeling and I would try on my mother nightgowns when I was home alone. The feeling was thrilling to me, the soft feeling of the fabric flowing over my body would get me incredibly aroused. I was hooked right there.
One of the best things that ever happened was when one of my brothers girlfriends left a teddy at our house. My brother had showed it to me and in that instant I knew I had to try it on. I waited until I was home alone again and I put it on. It was wonderful and I wore it all afternoon almost getting caught when my mom came home from work, I just didn't want to take it off.
As I got older I began to lose my opportunities to wear panties. Eventually, I joined the Navy and I lost the ability to wear panties all together because of the multi-man berthing spaces and fear of getting caught. I would always look at women's clothing adds and dream though.
I got married at the age of 22 and not long after that my wife mentioned that I should try on a pair of her panties "just to see how they fit". I remember being elated with that statement though I feigned embarrassment at the conversation. She would let me wear them to work under my uniform sometimes and it was our little secret. My wife originally drew the line at just panties but over the years I have also began to buy myself gowns and teddies. She doesn't really like me wearing them but is accepting of it because it turns me on so much and she is the main benefactor of that lust. Sometimes we go out together and buy panties for both of us and she has bought me a few pairs of "silky jammies" over the years. As a matter of fact I am typing this as I wear a camisole and knickers that she bought for me.
I don't know where this fetish of mine will go from here but I will say that some of the best intimate moments that my wife and I have are when she wears one of my t-shirts to bed and I am wearing my lingerie. We have to be careful though as our children are getting old enough to notice the signs of my fetish.

Well that's my experience, I'm a man who loves wearing lingerie.

Lucky you

I have been wearing girls clothes since I can remember, we were poor and I had to wear my sisters hand me downs since my closest brother was four years older than me. I remember at first being upset about wearing my sisters hand me downs eg, panties, pants, blouses and her nightgowns to sleep in. As I grew it never felt normal for me to wear guys clothes and I guess from about the age of 6 always wanted to be a girl and have all the girl parts, so I continued to wear nylon panties up until the present. My first girlfriend was very understanding and when we went shopping she would always choose for me the nicest panties and sometimes we would trade panties and I had started to wear bras as we found out that there was just the right size for me and I actually filled them out and sometimes we would trade each other for those too. Since then I have had a few other girl friends and for the most part they were quite understanding about my clothing preferences and would always go shopping with me for women's nightgowns they believed I looked best in. my present wife is very understanding when I first met her I went to sleep in her house and didn't have anything to sleep in, I didn't tell her that I preferred to sleep in a night gown but to my surprise and delight instead of going to the guys department to get PJ's or something of that sort she took me to the women's department and bought me a cotton nightgown about knee length. Since then I have told her openly that I prefer nylon or silk and I have several short, medium length and long gowns now. She one day as we were cleaning out her closet gave me several braziers, dresses and blouses too. I am very in touch with my feminine side and it has actually made our relationship much stronger, as she is very strong willed and prefers that I be much more feminine than her and it has all seemed to work out just fine.

To me there is nothing more comfortable and relaxing than slipping into a nightgown in the evening. They are roomy and the fabric is so soft, it is immediate relaxation for me.

I feel if a male wants wear and play with women sleep cloths"nylon gown" it should be ok. Women should embrase this idea.

Nightgowns are exquisite boudoir creations and have been an absolutely essential part of my identity for decades. I love wearing full length gowns which flounce about my ankles and have high frilly necklines or falling frilly collars adorned with lace and which have long full sleeves ending in frilly cuffs.

I am completely enthralled with the dainty and demure nightwear of the Victorian era and so I also love to wear frilly nightcaps or sleeping bonnets to bed - those lacy headcoverings designed to protect one's hair when set up in curlers for the evening's repose.

I find it absolutely thrilling to don my chosen nightie; feel my arms slip through its sleeves and see the palms of my hands enveloped in a wash of frilly lace at the cuffs, and then proceed to fully button it up to my throat before finally setting my hair up in curlers and enclosing it all under a frilly nightcap or bonnet tied secured in place under my chin with a draping bow - my face fully framed in soft lacy frills.

For extra warmth on cold nights I also love adorning myself in a soft feminine cardigan which remains unbuttoned over my nightie, before finally retiring to bed, adorned in this sweet confection of buttons, lace, frills, fabrics and bows.

Im a manwomen I love silky soft nylon nightgowns. I love thrigt stores where women donate their silky cloths.

Great experience and thank you for sharing it with us and the rest of you guys too. Here's my little experience and history on wearing nightgowns as a male.<br />
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I also started off around your age wearing nightgowns but I had to do it in secrecy because my family was unaccepting of it especially my mother. I understood it as socially it can embarrassing in our society for males to wear nightgowns even though it common historically before pajamas really came into the picture in the 50s and 60s. I had a cousin who was able to wear long t-shirts to bed and I found it unfair I couldn't do the same. A couple of my friends did the same growing up even in their teenage years but again for whatever reason I could never do it so I was a bit jealous. LOL! I luckily had a friend when I was in college who wore sleepshirts and everytime I went over to his house I wore one of his and it felt great. It was the only time outside of my family until I met my ex-girlfriend who I will talk about later where I wore a nightgown around anyone.<br />
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After years of watching women in my life or on television wearing dresses and nightgowns I always had the dream of wearing nightgowns myself one day.<br />
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When I made the decision to live on my own I got aroused by the decision to finally have the freedom of wearing nightgowns and sleepshirts all day and all night as I well pleased and no longer in secrecy except when company came over. I loved shopping for different ones too. I am a fan of knee-length nightgowns not really the long ones that come down to your ankles because I liked the freedom of the air going up the gown being able to feel the panties.<br />
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When I wore nightgowns before I lived on my own I started out wearing my boxer briefs but felt the experience wasn't feminine enough or comfortable so I started cutting my older briefs into looking like panties and the experience was way better. When I finally lived on my own I was able to order panties and they felt even better b/c they were much more softer and fuller. It was the best experience ever wearing a real nightgown or sleepshirt with panties. I got so used to doing it that's pretty much what I wore all the time. I rarely wore my basketball shorts and t-shirts to lounge around in.<br />
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When I lived with my girlfriend for a few months I was nervous about wearing the nightgowns so I did it in secrecy again which was terrible for me b/c I had to go back to shorts and shirts regularly. Once I got comfortable with her I noticed that from time to time she always wore a nightgown or sleepshirt to bed once she got comfortable being around me so one day I just wore one of my gowns and she didn't question it all. As a matter of fact she loved it so I was lucky no doubt about it. It was a great experience because I had someone who could look at me in it and I could look at her in hers. I loved also like one of you guys mentioned lounging in all day and all night with her wearing hers too. Sometimes we would even share our gowns.I have a female in overalls fetish so and she had two pairs which were the formal kind and everytime she wore them I loved it when I had my nightgown on and she would walk around in them taking care of the place or going to or coming home from work. It felt like domination when she wore the overalls and I was in the nightgown. That was a great experience too. I felt like the luckiest man on earth. Once I broke up with her that experience was gone and I hated it but I still was able to wear my nightgowns.<br />
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My favorite color gowns are heather greys so usually I got that color for the cotton ones, I love long sleeve, flannels are great for the winter, chemises, and the best of all nylon silk. There's a rare leather one that I own too that one is great but I get really sweaty in it b/c its leather on the inside. I would recommend wearing full slips too. Those feel real soft and easy. Right now I've been trying on silk panties and they feel way better than cotton.<br />
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I have to admit I've tried wearing the nightgowns that look like dresses outside late at night where barely anyone is walking on the street wearing a wig and it feels great too.<br />
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The funny thing about me is I consider myself to be a very masculine person as I'm into masculine things like sports and I still like to wear guy clothes out the door. My only feminine side is to wear these nightgowns all day with panties underneath. Not into any other feminine wear like skirts or anything else feminine related. I really do believe every male on this planet has a feminine side most keep it in secrecy and its a struggle for them to fight it until the day they die but I'm glad I have the freedom right now to wear these nightgowns as I well please now that I'm older and living on my own. I got to the point where around certain people who I wasn't trying to impress where I kept the nightgown on if they came to my apartment and didn't change into masculine clothes. I usually only did it if I had a nightgown that presentable like my long sleeves heather grey nightgown and I wore a robe sometimes too with the nightgown underneath. I did have a couple of occurrences where people looked at me weird and questioned it but I felt like if they couldn't accept me in it then I couldn't accept them as a person.<br />
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Well that's all I have to share so thank you for reading my experience I hope I helped anyone who went through this struggle or still is going through this struggle. Remember you're not weird you're human and you were born with a feminine fetish for wearing nightgowns and panties.

I love wearing nightgowns and panties. I have three nightgowns that I wear, a pink one, a blue one and a black one. I also have about 20 panties that I wear. I just love the way they feel, helps me get in touch with my feminine side.

I wish I had an aunt like yours. Everytime I stayed there I would have worn her nightgown.

I have not had a chance to try night gowns out. I do sleep in a feminine shirt and pajama pants. The best part for me is waking up in something beautiful. It is such a nice way to start the day.

I wear nothing but long shiny satin and nylon nightgowns to bed for 10 years. I have dreamt to sleep in a nightgown since I was I chind, but neither my parents nor my first wife liked the idea. I have really started a new life, when I got married for a second time with a woman , who supports my "sleepwear preferences". My step-daughter is also Ok with that, although both my girs don't like nighties. They sleep in flannel PJ's and often wonder how I can sleep in "such an uncomfortable thing, winding around your legs in bed" :) But I feel extremely comfortable ion a nightie, moreover, I like lounging at home, dressed in a nightgown and matching robe. I have about 10 nightgown and robe sets, most of them custom-tailored with a local small lingerie company (the company owner, a lady in her 60's also knows the orders are for me (I'm 6'4" tall and weigh about 250 lbs:) and asks no questions about that:) I also have 5 or 6 satin caftans with flower print for lounging at home in summer. Thanks to my sweet girls, I'm the happest man on Earth!

Gowns are wonderful to sleep in. My wife would not accept it so I sleep in them when I travel. I have several from girls and womens' gowns to sleep in. Soft cotton and nylon.<br />
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Vanity Fair Nylon pajamas are nice, I have Vanity Fair gowns as well. It could be a delightful experience if I could do it with my wife.<br />
<br />
Lucky you to embrace such an accepting wife.

I guess I am fortunate, my wife not only likes to wear sensuous (not sexy) nightgowns, she is comfortable with me wearing nightgowns also! I don't know what I would have done if she could not deal with it since I have worn them for over 30 years! Yesterday was a lazy day with both of us reading, watching TV and lounging around in our nightgowns most of the day. I took a shower about mid day and put on a pair of Vanity Fair Nylon pajamas and matching robe. <br />
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Occasionally I will come home to find a new nightgown or a few pair of new panties laying on the bed for me! Most of the time it is me that is buying a new silky for her or for myself. Never a problem in this family. <br />
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Yes, I still get excited with a pretty nightgown...<br />
<br />

I too am very fortunate, my wife buys me camisoles and panties from time to time. We have a lingerie draw that we both share. Spent last night with her in stockings, nightie and panties on our deck having drinks and relaxing. Cheers!

A few answers: I only like nightgowns, I am not interested in trying other feminine garment.<br />
I don't even know if my aunt ever mentioned that to my mother, but I always thought she didn't give much importance to the matter, for her it was just a way to solve a problem. She never raised the subject again. I happened to stay at her place a couple other times, but she only asked if I had remembered to bring my pajamas with me. I never had the courage to tell her I had not and that I wanted to sleep in a nightgown of hers.<br />
Unfortunately my wife hates nightgowns, so she sleeps only in pajamas, I tried to make her wear a nightgown, but she always said it was not comfortable at all.

I love to wear nightgown every night and its so comfortable

Beautiful! I love sleeping with my wife, both in pretty, silky nigties.