I Just Read Crossover...

I just read CROSSOVER: Straight Men - Gay Encounters by Robert Greene, I wonder how many men think about encounters with other men. I don't think crossdressing has anything to do with sexual desire but it's how you feel in them!!!! So, Enjoy
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Lacieman: you aren't an exception, but where you find yourself is certainly in a distinct subgroup (of several as above) amongst TV/CDs.

I dress female because feel better that way its not sexual although I am bi-curious but thats a different kettle of fish.

Some do, some don't. Among cross-dressers I gather the majority don't. <br />
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But some gay men cross dress, although most don't. Read "My Husband Betty" by Helen Boyd for some analysis of subgroups of cross-dressers. It will back up what you find here on EP: cross-dressing as fetish; cross-dressing as submissive, cross-dressing for alter-hetero (to be a hetero woman), for the male-lesbian role, or just because it's nice to feel like a woman and express feminine feelings, appearances and behaviours - ie gender, not really about sex at all.<br />
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I cross dress because there is a very strong female aspect of me that only finds ex<x>pression this way. I'm 100% hetero as a man.