In My Room

It is here where I go to escape. Nothing fancy your basic panties,bra, and nightie. I start with a bath giving me a female fragrance and feel. During the bath I usually play with myself and **********.
After the bath I shave and apply dove cream for a smooth and fragrant aroma. Now comes the fun part.
I am a private crossdresser. So everything is done behind cvlosed doors.
The clothes are laid out on the bed. Panties, bra, and nightie. Step by Step I begin to get dressed. First comes the panties, as they come up the leg I notice the silky feeling on my skin. As I pull them I feel them tighten on my thighs. I love the way they feel around my crotch, tight. The bra comes next to which enhancers are added to give you a bustline. The nightie is last to put on. As I pull on the nightie I rub the silk on my skin and between my legs.
Everytime I do this I get shivers.
Since I am in my bedroom, I am free to fantasize and act like a girl any time.
One thing to do is pose in front the mirror. The other thing to do is call a phone sex line and talk about yourself, and cloths.
sharonlynne sharonlynne
41-45, M
Jan 17, 2013