I am quite secretive when it comes to my crossdressing, the only people who know are my sneaky mate who found out by my ebay purchase list and my family though they have never confronted me about it and is unspoken. anyways today i have been speaking to my friend about moving in together because of my need to move out in august for university and i need someone to split the expenses with. She was all up for the idea as she shoulf have a job by then, by the way i have been in love with this girl for over 2 years now but she thinks we should be friends and we have come to the point where we are really good friends. Joking about i said we would have to get used to each others ways of doing things among other things, i meaning my crossdressing, she asked like what and decided to tell her, the apprehension was horrible, when the text came through she seems to be ok with it, i knew she would, now i'm looking forward to her seeing me as a girl, i hope we can have some fun together.

DanniChan DanniChan
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2 Responses Feb 10, 2010

That;s awesome. You can be yourself. BTW, I like to profile pic.

I'm sure you'll have great fun together, I'm so jealous!