A Night Out A Hotel


My wife had gone away for the weekend to her sisters ,after seeing her leave i decided Carrie had to come out. Having a shave and giving my self a enema i decided to go to a club.Putting on my stockings and basque i decided to take the train to london. I packed my clothes make up  in a small holdhall and went to Earls court where i knew a tv friendly hotel with bar.

I checked in and went to my room and laid out my clothes on the bed. By now i was feeling very horny and then decided i did not like what i had bought a long.Undeterred i dressed in what i had and went to the bar knowing that the dressing service would be open soon and i could hire a outfit. After dressing i made my way to the bar ordering a drink. Sitting at the bar a guy came in and sat next to me .Making small talk  with each other he then bought me a drink . He started to get closer to me and we kissed at the bar with him stroking my stocking legs. I continued to let him stroke me with me moving my hand to his groin area. He was very excited and i could tell he was really wanting more. He then suggested he hire a room for a couple of hours. I explained to him that i had a room but was waiting to change my outfit. We got talking about why i did not like what i was wearing and then i explained that i had seen a prevoius outfit here before and i really wanted to wear it. He was really turned on when i mentioned what i  wanted to wear thigh length boots  with 4 " heels and a pvc dress that barely covered my bum.He then said if we was going to go to my room he would pay the cost of me hiring the clothes i wanted and take me for dinner in the Thai restaurent as well.

I could not refuse , He bought a bottle of wine from the bar and followed me to my room. Whe we entered we kissed passiontly with me getting more and more into  the role of a woman.He laid me on the bed and kissed my legs from the bottom to the top turning me over to rim my bottom. His touch was amazing as he slowly rimmed me ,fingering me as well.

I was estatic and eager to take him in my mouth ,  i got his trousers off and started to xxxx and suck his xxxx.He was a great lover  ,big thick and hard and thoughts of my wife and me being a man drifted away. I sucked him to completion and swallowed everything he had. Afterwards  i had a glass of wine with him and we started kissing again but this time he wanted more ,after having a few more glasses he then started to rim me again and fingering me , he then got his bottle of wine and tried to loosen me  up with it and pushing the neck in me, it felt amazing with drops of cold wine entering me .He then decided that it was his turn and pulled it out of me and then he put his xxxx at the crack of my bum.Entering me slowly at 1st until he was fully inside me xxxxxxx me harder and faster .I was screaming with pleasure which turned him on even more.Fxxxxx me for about 20 minutes until he decide to ***.It was only then i realised he had *** in me . We got carried away with the moment and didnt use a condom .I was mortified but he assured me he was safe and dd free.I got  up and changed feeling kinda confused but i loved the feeling of feeling *** deep inside me.He kissed me and cuddled me to make me feel better.He then said he would meet in the bar and buy us both a drink and left the room.By the i got changed and redone my makeup , i went down to the bar to meet him. He had bought me a drink but had left and then he was gone!. It was only then i thought about the conseqences of what had happened in the past hour and realised i was not a woman....but a foolish confused man who had taken a unnecessary risk.

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Thanks!!! I have looked up sweet wednseday and think i will head there soon!!!

hi the only other place i know of similar is sweet Wednesday in king cross London.<br />
much more sleazy though but guaranteed fun.. or go to Blackpool lots of tv hotels there.

Sounds like a fun hotel but such a shame its closed, is there another on for CD's??

Sounds very erotic, but you are very lucky too.

Hi yes this was in the Philbeach Hotel ,Unfortunatly it is closed now. I think there is another venue fairly simimlar called Sweet Wednesday in Soho.

What was that Hotel in London where you can walk around dressed?

been there and done that but fortunately i am ok and he was as clean as he said he was, still its risky and dangerous so be more careful next time. its easy to get carried away in the moment esp when the guy makes you feel like a real woman