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Skinny Fat

Hi, I read somewhere that I'm skinny fat which means that to all intents and purposes I would be considered thin by most people - about 19 BMI. However I've never been happy with my body - I've always been close to being properly thin but never quite made it. I find this difficult as motivator because if I fail to lose the fat I'd like to I can rest easy behind the comfort that on a day-to-day basis I still look thin, and am still envied by many female colleagues ( not that that is my goal ). However, I am not happy in my underwear or in beachwear and I could not wear leggings out because of the fat on my thighs. So I'm hoping to finally address the near-miss I have always been at with regards to my body and to take charge and achieve it once and for all. Once I'm there all I need to do is maintain it
sarahmay2000 sarahmay2000 31-35, F May 7, 2013

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