My Family Dynamic

I can't grasp the idea of what most might call a normal family. All my life i've felt a huge lack of understanding from everyone. My parents couldn't understand why I would act out at a young age. They can't understand that sometimes I just don't feel good about myself. When your parents are constantly criticizing you for your actions it can become quite overwhelming. After a few years it just makes you numb. To the point where my mind set has changed. They never really knew how to in force positive energy without following up with something negative. When did I ever hear that I could be great if I just believed. When did I ever really feel that encouragement and support that I so desperately needed. It's easy for me to use that as an excuse as to why I'm not happy. I just want people to hear this story and hopefully relate to some extent. I want people to use this to empower themselves to become something great. We all have problems within our lives and it's your choice how you want to view the situation. You can choose to be negative or embrace a positive approach. What do you want your choice to be?

Jergz Jergz
22-25, M
Dec 9, 2012