I Have No Excuse

I know I want to share about how I procrastinate... My method of making excuses.. So I will:
Wake up: Decide today I'm going to do everything I have to do..
Forget it by the time i'm out of bathroom (even that takes 30 minutes or so)
Leave for Uni: Knowing I'll be late... Often by 20 minutes.
Sitting in class: Turn over a new leaf, Write in neat hand.. Take notes. Mind drifts away in 15 minutes on average. Start doodling.. Because practice makes perfect, then get it reviewed by people sitting around me.
While coming home: Decide and daydream about how I'm going to "do it" today.. All the chores, all responsibilities, sleep with a smile on my face.
After coming home: I'm hungry.. who works before food?
While eating: Turn on the tv to maximize eating time.
After an hour or so: Okay lets study, go to room, open a book.
By that I mean facebook: Those 5 minutes always become half an hour.
Leave pc: I should study but it's too cold.. I need a cookie.. I have to go to the toilet.. etc etc
Finally time to open real books and look at stuff I have to do: Uh oh, I am so behind in everything... Complain about it to little brother who is usually reading Manga.
Try doing a stuff on my own w/o help from slides etc at computer: Fail after 10 minutes or so.. Ask little bro to leave the pc so I can study.
Open lectures: There's not enough stuff here. Open books.
Start reading: Drift away in 5 minutes.. Start doodling again.
Dinner is ready: eat + facebook
Open books again: Find what I wanted to read and understand and finally start doing stuff.
Hit a snag: Open books for at least half an hour again.. because never do anything without background research.
Isn't it late? Sleep at once.. wake a 3-4 hours later.
It's morning: I have to finish everything and submit it today... Open solved things and start copy pasting... hit a snag.. seems like the solved stuff hasn't been solved right.. Open books again.. solve it right and feel proud.
Eat breakfast: Keep copy pasting
Get ready for uni.. reach there 20 minutes late
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FreeFallWall FreeFallWall
26-30, M
Dec 14, 2012