I Procrastinate My Life...

i procrastinate my life. right now, i am having trouble at work... i would procrastinate my work ...and it's appraisal week. I do not know why i procrastinate. feel so useless.... I wonder if i need to switch my job...but i think it lies in my attitude...why do i have such terrible attitude. :(
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

I can totally relate! I'm a terrible procrastinator, especially when it's appraisal time. I always leave mine until right before the boss calls me in, then I am frantically trying to fill in the stupid form. Like you, I really am ready to change my job, but I still think I would probably procrastinate no matter where I am employed.

your attitude might not have anything to do with work --may be you should take some time to go within-after all if you don't go within you go without. good luck