Tick Tock

So it's 1:51 am. And what am I doing? Not writing that 5 page research paper. I could be sleeping right now, but no, I decided to add some more stress to my life. I can barely keep up with what day I'm on. Until recently, it had always went pretty well. If I had a paper for school due, I would always wake up at 6 or stay up until 4 in the morning to finish it. Well, as I have found out recently, it's not working anymore. Allot of my papers are getting low grades. Not only that, but overall, everything is going down hill. I basically am always late to my first class, which sucks, because that's part of the reason why I crashed on my way to school earlier this year. My boyfriend is completely annoyed because I'm always doing things the last minute. I can never manage to call him at the time I'm supposed to. What's even nicer is that when I do try to do things on time something goes wrong. Last semester I kept doing all the wrong assignments. I usually have that whole mentality, "I work better under pressure", but I think that's not true anymore. I don't know maybe I stopped caring overall. It's frustrating yet, I still continue doing it. I'm at the point where I wish everything would just go away.
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3 Responses Apr 7, 2007

I know how you feel, I get like that a lot, its getting harder for me to keep up with school and work and still find time to be with my b/f or friends.

I'm on my second year of college, going on my third this fall, if I even go back. Thanks for your advice, because apparently I do need something or someone to be reminding me to stay on track.

I guess my question would be...What year of school are you in? I only ask because I was just like that....I worked so well under pressure untill my last year. It just became so hard to keep up with what assignment I was doing and what day of the week it was and don't even let the professor change the class schedule, I would really get behind. Thats when I found out I did need a planner and I needed to remind myself about assignments a week ahead of time. Get yourself a planner, make yourself stick to it and you will find that you will have more free time than you did before.