To Pack and Mail Or Not to Pack and Mail

I finished my bachelor's in december of last year.  Sept. of last year my boyfriend who is already far away decided to tell me that he was moving even farther do to a job offer and that he wanted me to go with him.  I was stoked.  I find however that as time goes by I am still excited just not motivated to pack and mail my things like he asked me to.  I have all these boxes packed but for some reason I am procrastinating when it comes to the mailing part.  I have like this deepest fear that I will mail all my things and he will move them all to the new house but I will never get to the new house...So I am procrastinating when it comes to mailing and moving....which is stupid because I can't wait to move.....go figure.

uncommonlysweet uncommonlysweet
26-30, F
Apr 17, 2007