I Am the Vp of the Procrastina...

I am the VP of the Procrastinators' Society.  My intentions are always very good- I MEAN to do things, but I tend to do them at my own pace.  Sometimes, my own pace just doesn't keep up with the rest of the world and I end up waiting till the last minute to get things accomplished (but I usually DO get them done...just not when I should have).  This is something that I would very much like to change.  I AM trying, but after thirty-some years on this Earth and having the procrastination affliction since childhood...it's a difficult habit to break.  (And I do really like having my own pace...THAT is the main problem.)
RaraAvis RaraAvis
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1 Response May 4, 2007

Oh then I must be the Secretary of Procrastination. I too have been around for 30 something years and sometimes I just want to go at my own pace. Things will get done. Just not on your time. I think my son will soon be the Under Secretary. He seems to be picking the habit up from his mom.