Late.... Again

I just decided not to attend class, so that I don't have to tell my professor that my work which was due last month is still incomplete.
I am here right now in the library sitting over work I did not finish, even though I had enough and more ample time!!!!
Second time this semester I am missing class. My teacher is too nice, which may be the problem because I know I can get away with it. And no, I am not a college freshman, I am a Graduate in my last year.

Its not even this class, everything in my life is a LATER!!!

A major fall in my life is slowly but consistently already happening because of my chronic procrastination. I can see people slowly realizing and treating me as the unreliable one. And that is sad because I know it will take a LONG time to win trust, and get a better reputation.

This habit is killing my ambition, self-respect and confidence.

I sincerely wish to change myself.
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Welcome to EP and thank you for sharing your story! You're not the only one, so I think we can help each other.
As a procrastinator myself, I see that a very important issue is to understand where my time is going.
In my case, it's EP Q&A, so I'm monitoring how many questions I answer and I want to get down to max 3 per day.
What's the thing that keeps you busy instead?