So Sick Of Putting Things Off.....

And not getting on with my life, all I do is sit around at home on Facebook and listen to music wasting my time thinking of stupid things and getting paranoid. I WANT to succeed for once i'm not doing myself any good by procrastinating i feel like a loser and i don't even have a boyfriend anymore i am finally going to STEP UP get a job...shape up and be somebody! I am actually serious too i say this to myself a lot but it is getting to the point where my self esteem is so low i am too embaressed to hang out with friends because they get on with their lives but i'm just a lazy procrastinator.
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You my friend just said what's dwelling deep in me. I have to thank you for sharing this story. Otherwise I'll be stuck here feeling like the only sore loser in the world.... and it's hard to break out of the habit of labeling ourselves negatively because of procrastinating. I'm currently welling up in guilt and started searching for another buddy in the same situation and here you are. thankie.<br />
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Cause unfortunately we often associate laziness with procrastinating but if we try to look at ourselves positively...then truth is we aren't exactly losers. One way to look at procrastination is that we are channeling our productivity into other activities, whether be it facebooking etc. "It is a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision". Making ourselves go like "I can't waste anymore time" or "I got to get more organized" etc aren't exactly treatments to the wound. They may only aggravate the tension we feel. Another reason we procrastinate is because it gives us "control". We are pressured under situations we thought we have no control over. And so how do we tackle the problem. Procrastinate. You really should try picking up this book. called the "Now Habit" by Neil A. Fiore. I think it provides great insight to why we procrastinate. Also there's some good tips there too. I'm half way through the book myself. Can't say it works for me now cause I haven't exactly put them to practice. Ahaha. yeah my own bad...but I'll get there soon hopefully after my exams that is. I hope it'll help you too.<br />
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I hope I don't sound much like a preacher here. I usually find solace in talking to someone about it and trying to stay positive too myself. So excuse me if I'm blabbing too much hahah. had to make some paragraphs too otherwise i think it looks kinda scary. wish you'll get out of the habit soon.

Thank you so much! ...I will definitely read that book, and don't worry about the paragraphs lol I appreciate all the advice it was very helpful! I am sure I can overcome this thing and accomplish whatever I put my mind to.

That's great! haha me too. I'm sure we all can! :D Many cheers to you.

I'm a procrastinator when it comes to big projects at school. Here's something that might help you out:
Also, you can search "How to stop procrastinating" on or and alot of options appear. Try reading up on it, maybe that'll help.
Good luck, you can do it :)

thank u! :)