Procrastination Is A Curse

In university, I was that girl who was forced to pull an all-nighter to finish my essays on time. Admittedly, most of those essays were rubbish. I think anything written at four AM, poorly researched and even more poorly worded is bound to be complete bullocks, and, judging by my average marks, I wasn't the only one who thought so....

I could have done a lot better. I always intended to do well with my studies. All the good intentions in the world sometimes cannot counteract a procrastinating mind, however. My essays were always left until the last moment. Sometimes very literally the last moment. I wrote a literature essay about three hours before it was due. It was, quite frankly, one of the dumbest papers I've ever turned in, and I was a little humiliated that I'd let myself down by presenting less than fantastic work. Seeing my name on that paper made me feel sick.

I still haven't learnt. All the stress resulting from procrastinating, all the missed opportunities, all the feelings of shame that result from looking unorganised and unmotivated - none of it has managed to rid me of this curse. And it is a curse; I don't know whose dog I kicked in my last life, but I'm sure paying for it now!
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I can totally relate to this! I'm in my first year at University and every time I have to turn in an essay I feel so ashamed.. How do you deal with it?

I have worked with many women who has the problem of procrastination. It is difficult and a problem which needs to be address almost your whole life. I do use Spankings as a tool but support is more essential.
I have worked with many Co-eds to help them address this problem.
You are correct as I have found people put off things which they don't want to do or figure less time to do it and run out of time. LEARNING is important and motivation is also important on the positive side.
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