Unfortinately, I Do.  I T...

Unfortinately, I do.  I try not to on the important stuff, but I found that when I was in college, I was forced to in order to get everything done that I needed to.
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4 Responses Jun 30, 2007

I procrasinate. But hey, I am proud of what I can churn up in the last hour!

i cant carry any projects by myself, even at my own house. I guess i just dont like myself enuff to do that. I do alot for the person i like or even better we do it together. MOst other times i plan and plan and talk about "it" and nothing gets done. I think i am just sick of doing it all alone, and honestly i dont think i need it... a new deck? LOL for someone yes but not for myself

I do too. Actually I am right now cos i should be doing other things but here I am drinking coffee and looking around in here talking about 'it'. Sometimes it helps me to say oh you're procrastinating - just do it. Ah okay. And i do. (sometimes lol)

I also procrastinate. Can't really explain why. And I don't like myself for it.