I even procrastinate going to sleep.
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Haha, I procrastinate too. If there is any time, it can wait!

i do that at times but many times i have to attend to something else right in the middle of a project, then it may take a while to get back on it

Procrastinators lets unite!!!....Tomorrow tho lol!

It's an art form. Give me 2 hours or 20 minutes to get ready to go somewhere. I will take every minute that I am given. But I never finish early! Ha

You know it's bad when you procrastinate going to the bathroom. Eh I can hold it. Lol

Ha! Or how about this: You know it takes you 45 minutes to get somewhere, but for some reason, you always leave 40 minutes before the time you're supposed to get there? For me it's like "oh I'm on time, better waste 5 more minutes" I hate that I do it but I do!

Yea and your like if I do 90 and don't get pulled over I can get there in 35min. So I really have 5 mins to spare. Enter the car and realize you procrastinated in getting gas the night before. Lol. It's bad!!!!

Oh gas! There's a classic. I have actually run out of gas before because I procrastinated about getting it. I knew I needed it. But for some reason every station I pass, I'm like "I'll go to the next one."

your gas light goes on and your still like I have another 20 miles. Don't worry about it.

Totally. As soon as my gas light goes on I reset my trip odometer. I won't even consider getting gas until it's been on for at least 15 miles. :)

That's so bad. Lol. It's almost like a game. Me vs the gas. Who will win??

There's a Seinfeld episode focused around just that! Haha :)

hahaha..i do that if i'm busy or its late & i'm in bed

Lol. It's like I'm running out the door having to pee and I'm like. I'll just do it when I get there (as I drive up to 2 hour traffic )

have to pee like a russian race horse..eye balls floating!

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I thought I was the only one who does that!

We are true procrastinators friend.


Same. I need to go to sleep now! Haha!

Me too lol