Time Optimist

Someone described me as a time optimist. I don't just put things off till the last minute - when the last minute arrives I try to fit in a few other things too - and inevitably end up late! Anyway sounds more positive than "procrastinator" and has an inbuilt excuse!

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14 Responses Mar 13, 2009

always want to say what if ican do it tomorrow my luck will change godhelp me just dont know

I do the exact same thing ><

I have procrastinated for so long --- can't figure out what to do -- I have gone to so many workshops -- struggled with doing the techniques (of course what did they expect from a procrastinator). Great ideas -- no follow-through.

I am the Queeeen of Procrastination.

lol thats the way to go!!! i thought that i was crazy!!!

holy crap me too but i just get yelled at and sent to detention

lmao xD well said

oh mi gosh, me too!

Oh man. Me, too. And the stress is unbearable. I want to change. Can anyone help?

Not so..?

Time Optimist lol! - Genius xxxx

this is gooood

Oh ! me tooo !

Time optimist! I love that! I'm stealing that!