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Time Optimist

Someone described me as a time optimist. I don't just put things off till the last minute - when the last minute arrives I try to fit in a few other things too - and inevitably end up late! Anyway sounds more positive than "procrastinator" and has an inbuilt excuse!

gooddog99 gooddog99 51-55, M 15 Responses Mar 13, 2009

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always want to say what if ican do it tomorrow my luck will change godhelp me just dont know

I do the exact same thing ><

I have procrastinated for so long --- can't figure out what to do -- I have gone to so many workshops -- struggled with doing the techniques (of course what did they expect from a procrastinator). Great ideas -- no follow-through.

I am the Queeeen of Procrastination.

lol thats the way to go!!! i thought that i was crazy!!!

holy crap me too but i just get yelled at and sent to detention

Never do today what you can put off to tomorrow.

lmao xD well said

oh mi gosh, me too!

Oh man. Me, too. And the stress is unbearable. I want to change. Can anyone help?

Not so..?

Time Optimist lol! - Genius xxxx

this is gooood

Oh ! me tooo !

Time optimist! I love that! I'm stealing that!