I don't even dislike doing the things I put off... somehow the pressure of doing them just makes me balk, though.  *shrug*  What sucks is that I don't spend the time doing cool stuff... I spend it on the web, napping, etc.  I forego doing things like working out, pursuing personal artistic endeavors, etc.  It's sad... I should stop.

Freckledsea Freckledsea
2 Responses Mar 15, 2009

Addicted to procrastinating. Sounds familiar. I can get off of it, either. I hate it that I always go back procrastinating.

oh i relate to this. i put off doing work that i actually enjoy once i do get to it. and what i do while procrastinating is not go hang out with my friends, or often even reading a book for pleasure, which is something i would enjoy and is worth spending time doing. instead i surf the net like you said and watch tv shows off my computer. or eat. >.