I Procrastinate With Almost Everything

I am really bad with procrastinating about almost everything.

I had a tv that I was meant to get fixed, had called up a repairman who said it was a common problem and easy to fix. Instead, I carted that tv around with me for 6 years, through about 3 house moves. In the end I left it at an op shop with the note "This TV can be fixed quite cheaply". I knew it could be fixed, so I didn't want to throw it away but never got round to actually bringing it to the repairman. (my excuse was I'd lost the phone number, as my daughter threw away the old phone book where I'd marked who I'd called about it).

A few years later my bf bought us an LCD tv, but the tv we had was still good. I carted that tv around for about 2 years, meaning to sell it (works perfectly). I only just donated it to a charity after having had it sitting in a corner, and gone through 2 house moves.

I have a car that I hardly use, as I'm too much of a procrastinator to decide what to do with it. Almost 3 years ago I bought another car, I hardly ever use the older one, and have to pay to keep it roadworthy etc. It keeps developing a mechanical problem and I'll just procrastinate with that as well, having it sit on the side of the road till I can get around to dealing with that as well.

I've put off going to the dentist for about 7-8 years and I know that I need to go.

I have bills that I forget to open and then have to pay late, even though I have more than enough money to pay them. I guess I'm just SLACK.

IndigoPeachblossom IndigoPeachblossom
36-40, F
Mar 21, 2009