I have two tests next week and i haven't started studying. I look for silly excuses so i won't study.
Is it just me? Or is everyone else like me? :D
Dhikrayat Dhikrayat
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Same here! My procrastinating is just...horrid. I usually end up doing my homework at 11 or 12 and sleeping at 1 or 2 in the morning. It's a bad habit but what I found helpful was to work in a group. It doesn't have to be the same subject but as long as you're with someone, I feel like you're more prone to push yourself to work since the other person is working. Plus, it's nice having someone there to make sure you're staying on track xD

You are DEFINITELY not alone

Just find a comfortable place and start going through your books. pull out a pad and a pen and start taking notes. study the stuff you are mostly on the subject you are not sure on and not familiar with first. overview and take notes on the points your not again familiar with and study those. any reference material the general stuff get a head if time. After 7 hours if study and review take a break and get more material you have found you need to read up on, don't take too long bring it back to your study area and go over it and other more materials for another 7 hours. don't procrastinate! Your futures in your hands! -Brick

I was going to procrastinate but decided to wait.

I'm a diehard crammer ... Last minute is the only way I do it... It's a HORRIBLE habit

Horrible times a 1000. I feel like punching myself while studying night before! Ah!

Tsk tsk lol