Teacher gave us 1 month to write a fairly simple paper. 3 pages where we reflect upon buddhism as a religion.
I havent started, it's due in 5 hours.
When will i start, what am i even doing.
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The one sure way to make someone not.care about buddhism is assigning a paper onthe.topic

Yup there's a point!

Get off ep and start writing.

Good advice :)

Only a procrastinator can do 30 minutes of work in eight hours and eight hours of work in thirty minutes.

Nice one, inspiration hehe :)

I know this feeling all too well..

hav u evar thot about or read about buddhism .. at all ? even ..

Yeah i think it sounds really intresting. I just have a weird thing where stuff becomes unintresting when its someone else telling me to get into it. Its only intresting when i take the initiative on my own.

mm . there are .. many aspects regarding that . i kinda get . maybe a few pieces of aspects of that .. like one of them could be "i love doing artsy stuff", more when someone says "i want someone to keep me company while i art", versus "you're good at art stuff come do this for me", versus "lets see who can art the best" .. maybe not fully on track .. anayz .. yar thats me rambling my brehn (brain) :P .. well atleast u know, inside, you do have some content you can put to paper or sumin ^_^ .. lol . i just caught myself thinking of "what do i think of buddhism as a ---religion--" .. thing is ive had gahzillionz of these thoughts and stuff .. i get very specific . like .. --definie- --religion-- and -- from whose perspective-- ? .. :P because . to me .. its those diddy little gnitty gritty details that appear out of nowhere that count ..

Really I like ur thoughts of needing accompanies when ase that is really interesting

sometimes its nice to have someone to chat with while painting, or sewing, or cutting boards or material to shape and stuff .. sometimes its also nice if both or a group are all working at an art piece while chatting together, and then all take a break and have pie and tea or coffee and then get back at work and chat, or even in silence, but just having each other around :) ^_^

Group ase work needs directing and supervising . R u the one?

no . last group thing i was learning how to make corsets .. ive had to figure out how to make myself do stuff without others . though i know i like the right type of energy vibe and company about to do some stuff .. ive had to make myself learn the introduction to robotics course material, which i dont know and or understand, so i made myself which bits of calculus and maths to learn, and still have quite a few other things to have to learn, and things have already moved onto the next course .. today im taking a bit of a break from studying but will be back at it tomorrow morning ^_^ .. alone though :P ^_^ . alone with my lego . LOLOLO . actually .. no . im still at the level of learning the physics theory towards the programming of the control over the lego .. :P . bleh .

Is that so? Did u have a crush on ur prof? I did on my director and supervisor but the sad thing is he is leaving


over-justification effect...

The assignment was: reflect upon if buddhism can be defined as a religion or a philosophic view.
But ta i think i know what you meant.
Like art for me, i like the chalenges, because it comes more easily and naturally.
However, writing papers and structuring them and having to be doing it correct and including important details. Its such a hassle, i hate having to do it.
I think i'd do it happily if it was out of my own initiative, if i felt passionate about it and really wanted to give a message

hmm . maybe .. one can swing their mind into a -state- of or re -perspectify- ones approach, using the info and interest you know and have, into, firstly, writing in a way you really want to give a message .. like . maybe .. a friend thats wondering about this kinda stuf springs this question, but talks around or asks or argues-sih that , "its not a religion, it doesn even ..." and then says "yar, but i can see what you mean by xyz when you imply philosophic view" .. especially when they do this and that, or say this and that .. wait a minute .. straight off the bat .. how do you even actually perceive buddhism in the first place ? ..

I have missed all the classes where we learned about buddhism, but umm... I dont know too much about it. Sounds fairly fine to me, peace and love right? And it sounds difficult, since a goal is to achieve a certain state, which is almost impossible or something. Honestly i dont know. Hmm
I'll have watch some videos about it

great excuse to youtube ^_^ xD :D :) ^_^ hmm .. ima look up a few descriptions . of --religion-- versus my own . perception . and implication of the -word- ..

well . what the .. someone has already decided its a listed religion :P .. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Major_religious_groups .. now im go lookup -why?- .. LOL

... :\ .. it does actually spread out into becoming an interesting read : .. presently clicked about until : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_the_rise_of_Buddhism_in_China_and_Japan ( which im also parallel looking up : are buddhists in japan different from china ) and india, and etc etc ..

Waaa thank you :) this could become intresting for me to read about :) i really needed someone elses enthusiasm for it to get into it myself :P

it broadens out like crayzee .. :P .. ive closed a few tabs, but will probably be opening a few more others . thing is .. ive watched a few docus before .. i didnt even know the about the bits that ive just now read .. but il post a url that mentions india as well . as to me i remember india having major involvment with buddhism too :P ^_^ ..

(by definiteion , totally changes how ive interpreted / experienced religion) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion .. and then also .. (this is the list including india .. i think it mentions schools) http://www.clear-vision.org/Schools/Students/Ages-17-18/movements-philosophies/China-Japan-East-West.aspx

Woow soo much, thank you !!! :)

:D ! ^_^

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From my experience writing about religions, just write what the religion makes you feel like. What most fascinates you about the religion? If time, go back and insert as many vocab. words as you can

Feelings and spiking with vocab words is not the way to go. Focus on learning, gaining knowledge and understanding.

Ariomelody, Yeah its a good idea to make the task more intresting to do, and to make focusing easier :)

Wombat, Focus is an issue however. But if my wish is to figure out certain things about the religion, i'll get interest

You are not a serious student.

I must admit, i am not loving school.
Doesn't change the fact that i want to learn and love learning.
I just dont enjoy it once it gets boring.

^_^ .. the details . and differences .. school does not equal learning ; as learning does not equal school ^_^ .. i see stuff that way .. unfortunately to me, as well :P ..

Yeah... Guess thats true.
I'd love to be into school though, because then i'd be learning a lot of intresting stuff :)


Haha ok i know
But if i could choose the animal i relate most too in behavior, its the cat :)