Got a 3 page essay due tomorrow and i haven't even started... Yet im still sitting down on my couch watching netflix😭
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I'm with ya there

My advice, stop watching netflix and start doing your assignment.

At least you never had to design a park in a day...

Your right i can't say i have lol

No big deal!
We do that even for our final exams.

Haha! I know what you mean. I got something for math due tomorrow but I haven't even started yet!

The life of the procrastinaters lol

True that!

I also have a project due by Wednesday even though I got a whole month to work on it

fwp? haha

Whats fwp

first world problems (as opposed to third world problems...) O.o

Oh i gotcha and i mean i guess

Ok :)

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3 pages is nothing

I agree

you start it yet??


I know the feeling. My end of terms are coming up and instead of preparing myself for it I'm idling on my laptop.

Thats like me all the time

Even if you fail it won't be the end of the world. No big deal.

Yeah i know but it would suck ahah

So would writing a three page paper instead of watching Supernatural.

Haha funny

don't even worry about the paper. Netflix is calling!

Gaah i love you!

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I was a straight A student and only studied the night before for every exam.. Cramming can be good!

True that

Indeed, but it's not difficult. I've learnt the entire history of Russia in 5 hours.. Got the highest score in my class, I could never study weeks or even days before an exam

Thank God, cos that's all I've been doing for my exams

Better get started

You need a hand up your skirt

smooth.. and classy. :/

Sure doo

Imagine a smooth slow hand sliding seductively up the inside of your tender thigh

Wow going straight for the kill

No I pause .....unbutton your blouse with my tounge....

Hun i don't think thats possible we'd be there for like 30 mins just waiting for you to unbutton my blouse and who says blouse anymore

Boy that broke the momentum

Yeaah it really would maybe you should try something like i slowly moved your shirt down so i could lick those sensitive buds of yours... Now thattt is something

That good lets co-write

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What you should do is get commencement speech from a high school valedictorian.
Cut and paste from HTML onto a doc. Open it with wordstar, (it isn't that hard to find) and save it in Rich text format.
Online convert it to French then Spanish then English, to German then English and spell check it.
Print it up with either coral or adobe reader and all the traces of it's origin will disappear.
That is how I got my PHD in Agronomics.

Ya know you're pretty smart i like you

Hmmm, maybe I'll share that sentiment with you.

Lol well said my friend well said

I like you too. I'm really glad there are good people on here to talk to while I wait for the next order to deliver for Domino's Pizza.
Domino's you ask?
Yes, I was smart but, I didn't really have good study skills or good work habits so now I think great thoughts and share them with the miscreants on EP instead of collecting my trophy in Stockholm from the King of Sweden.

So, what episode are you on?

Wouldn't turnitin dot com or some similar plagiarism software be able to tell it was not original?

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Have a fiddle and get inspiration.

Procrastination Kills

It really does

my kind of girl :D

And posting on EP

Caught me🚨🚓

On what?
I could write a three page essay about your slovenliness as fast as you could reach for your mouse to click "continue watching".

Mmm what's slovenliness?

It's the reason you didn't look it up in a dictionary.

You right!

You sound like me😄


Story of my life lol

About what? What's the rubric?

Its a research paper and you have to choose a side of an argument and then explain their side then explain why you chose them over the other

Have you any notes from your research?

Have you chosen a side? My kids both chose Capitol punishment as topic.

Mmm i haven't started my research

Why to be a procrastinator. By wolfStorms

You should be a procrastinator because....
Three blank pages later...
The end.

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Three-pagers are a cakewalk! You can churn that out in a few hours or less! But I have never started any papers early or chipped away at it through the term. I intended to a few times, but I do my best work at the last minute! And I've had some real convincing arguments!

Started yet??


Unplug your tv, turn off your phone and put it in a box, grab a lot of energetic foods and drinks, open your laptop, turn of the wifi, open word and your good to go.

But that means actually doing it and i really don't want to lol

then just enjoy your netflix and dont worry

I know you guys are totally right lol nothing like a deadline to get your *** in gear