I should be doing homework right now but instead I'm reading useless things on tumblr and watching youtube videos. What's wrong with me?!
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8 Responses Jun 17, 2015

weird aye ?

Now now you just sound like Sagittarius! 'The procrastinator' :P

It's just student life. Whenever I had assignments due, I'd get the urge to clean the house and find all these other 'so important' things which I had to do.

i do the same exact thing all the time!!! no worries

Ahh your on ep. this isn't tumbler.... I think you need a vacation....from the web....AHHHHHHH lol

Something that is also wrong with me, I guess. But to a lesser extent, probably. I spent all of yesterday lurking on 9gag....QQ

You are not interested in school.

What classes are you taking?

what is wrong with you is that you are a student