Had the same problem last year, and got myself into troubles that way. I just can't write this damn paper when there's my bed waiting for me! I seriously need someone to give me a good slap in the face and remind me I have exams to pass!
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If you were my responsibility it would be your bottom not your face that got slapped young lady, You need to sort yourself out before it is too late.

Omg really??

I'll do it

I procrastinate because I'm really bored and know that I'll get the job done after I get everything else I want to do done, (I work better under pressure). Besides I really really enjoy my me time. (This is not a recipe for success, just getting by and jumping through the hoops society puts on us)

I need help with this too.. I should've been reading this whole week but I could only do it for a day then just left it all. I have to write an essay due in on Monday. I still don't know what I'm gonna do. I am risking it. It bothers me. I worry about it, yet I am still sitting on my bed doing nothing about it. :(

Ugh I'm sitting at work. I know I have something I need to get done. Instead of surfing. I just cannot stay focused


Did you finish? How'd it go?

I am the same. Procrastinate so much. I'll tell you about it later, though.

*slaps your face until you bleed*

I'll slap more if you don't write your paper! There will be broken bones!

Oh. =(

Can't you write the paper earlier in the day and resist the bed?

I'll bet some of the people that you date either know this or would like to know this. Regarding: "I never resist to the temptation of bed"...

I don't understand why I procrastinate. The longer I wait the more presure but I seem to get it done more efficiently

What we have here is just plain normal human behavior--"why not put off what you can do today until tomorrow" or later...