I have people coming over for dinner tonight. Floor needs a mop and I need to pick up some last minute ingredients but I would rather stay here on EP, in my cold air conditioned room. Procrastination sometimes has marvellous results. Example: clothes and shoes in my wardrobe are all now ordered back in colour blocks after a 2 year absence of organisation. Heehee 🤓
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story of my life!! except for the burst of organization!

Procrastination is good for getting everything done you don't need done!


for giving what?

Depends where you are you might lose power big storms are coming


It's ******* down now! 💦💦💦

Yeah it's been raining here for about an hr with lightning and thunder

Just order pizza then there's no cleaning up

Lol...we are ordering in, but I have to pick up some appetisers and desert. But I tell you what...a nap would go down beautifully right now 😉

Just had one lol

Whats for desert

Still haven't been to the shops 😁. Going shortly. I will report back after my purchase.

As promised: it seems my laziness knows no bounds today...I have elected to make Eton Mess. The purchase of cream, meringues and raspberries is complete.

Nice i would of went apple pie ice cream and custard

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