i am BORED. So bored. And I do not want to fall asleep and I do not want to continue writing this ******* paper. If anyone wishes to talk and help me procrastinate, please step forward and I shall name you the Most Wonderful Person Ever.
dunwithall dunwithall
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You seriously need more interests and more self discipline.

Excuse me?? I have plenty of both. I just having a boring night in tonight and need a break from what has been 6 hours of straight paper writing... because I am making sure I am 3 steps ahead in my course work. And my friends are out clubbing tonight which didn't sound like a responsible idea for me so that's why I am bored. Take a step back ***** because you don't know **** about me

Actually I can discern quite a lot about you from your responses. You are not going to get very far with an attitude like that no matter how smart you think you are.

Really? Then by all means, tell me who I am.

And I am sorry but my attitude was caused by you trying to call me out on a post I made because I was a bit bored. I'm not sure why you called me out when I didn't do anything in the first place... I wonder if you would like it if I analyzed you. WHy you feel the need to make such comments

I really didn't mean any harm in it. I just see a lot of people at your age wasting their potential, but I really meant it as an offhanded comment. I see you were studying all night, so I'm sorry. You are on the right track.

Okay thank you for your apology. I am sorry I went off a bit, but it's people like you who just assume too quickly about us millennials that causes people like me to push back so hard.... Time gaps are hard to cross I guess. It's not easy to understand someone who grew up with completely different things and people.

True. It was my problem on this one. I jumped the gun. But I did mean it light hearted.

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