My deadline is a month away so naturally instead of working on my project, I'm reading hilarious Amazon reviews instead.

Happy Monday!
VioletVivid VioletVivid
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lol :)

I procrastinated on falling asleep last night and now I've got to get the kids up and ready for school then myself ready for work. Fml today

Haha putting off sleep might seem weird to some people, but man, do I get you. Hang in there today! :)

Life is short. Enjoy!!

Tick tick tick tock

*looks around wildly* is the crocodile from Peter Pan here??

Wait. You can hear it???

I was going to write a big long reply to this, but I'll do it later. For now, I'm busy popping bubbles on facebook.

I was going to heart your comment and reply wittily but I'm still reading funny Amazon reviews.

I'm actually laughing out loud here. My cat looks very confused. I was going to explain it to her, but, .... well, you know.

She's busy popping bubbles on Facebook too?

Was going to, but opted to nap. Told me she'd join me later.

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