you know what I never knew I was a procrastinator. I know what it is was cuz my dad used to tease me with it but I never accepted it. I never realised how serious this is . procrastination is the bane of my life. I can't describe with meagre words what it has done to me. without any warning it has crept into my lifestyle and permanently embedded itself in . and now that I have finally understood , when I finally know what the issue is when I understand it , even then I keep doing it. This time I know what I am doing and I keep at it. I keep ruining my life, relationships everything. I'm hurting everyone who cares about me and I can't seem stop. I need help
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1 Response Mar 21, 2016

Senior year (this year) I realized how much I procrastinate. It's REALLY bad and know I know that I ****** myself over. I ended up with ****** grades first semester because I couldn't finish all of the assignments that I put off. I guess you just have to do what I do and sit down don't throw your phone somewhere else because I find that it makes it worse. Just sit down and do it. Just know that it will screw you over in the long run, try to scare yourself straight lol