17 y/o ...So many weeks and MONTHS have passed and I keep telling myself I will start studying SOON... Got all the plans set up... And yet nothing happened and all I felt at the end of the week was emptiness and depressed.
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The older I get the more I procrastinate. It's horrible and idk how to change it 😞

Same boat buddy

Sounds like you need to be held accountable for your actions maybe it would help you

How? Everyday at night reflect back on the day and promise myself I'll do better... But it's like the next day I've becomes another person. :/

Set goals for yourself and if you have weekend plans make sure you goals have been completed or no doing weekend plans

Thanks for the advice.. But after setting all the plan when it comes to actually carrying it out... I literally just wana shut it out and not care

Maybe you need someone to help you then to stay on task a friend or someone that can help with you're choices or give u consequences if u don't follow through

Thanks for taking your time to help (:

Anytime hunny 😊

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