Too Late Till There's Nothing Much Left to Procrastinate

First of all, can we correct the spelling to Procrastinator. I think that is right, isn't it?

Anyway, currently I'm unemployed. Been for over 6 months now. Wanted to change careers for the past ... 20 years?  I would qualify for the greatest procrastinator in this whole wide world! Have been exploring many careers, courses to pursue to be re-trained, but nothing concrete materialised.  Just been merely THINKING of them, that's really doing bloody little.

Been working in a profession that I don't particularly enjoy, but had to, for the money. Decided to take a break to start some freelance work, or a home-based business, but till today - zilch! Money's run out. Am supposed to go out hunting for work, but no, only been submitting online applications.

Am supposed to go to the banks to appeal for some debt restructuring, but have not done. And various other errands.. but no... just don't seem to have any drive at all. Sometimes not even out of the house for days. Am on an anti-depressant to prevent myself from getting too low, so that I can at least e-mail applications for work. But still not enough is being done.

God, what's happening to me?? Am just stuck, don't feel like doing anything at all. Just feeling numb. Stagnant. Nothing motivating to move on in life. Procrastinating to the point where I have no money, no food, no roof over my head soon??
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I understand how u exactly feel

I understand your feelings of not wanting to do anything....But make a small goal of doing one little going to get some coffee at Starbucks...find some enjoyment in life...Imagine that you were just told you have only 6 months to live....what would you want to do? When I get depressed and we all do....I reflect on those little small watching the birds fly by....I believe you will be ok my friend! Hang in there and pull yourself up!!!

I hear you. I'm in the same boat. I think I'm just tired of getting my hopes up and failing again. I think I need to just see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel; something to strive for. It's like there are too many choices in life and I'm pissed off because I don't have the time to peruse them all. No matter what I do, I feel like my life is missing something and it always will. I think we all need some sort of direction and a push.

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I'm living your story, but only been out of work for two years, now. I've had a bit of help to get me where I am today, but, as it is, I'll be fine. You will be too.<br />
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Find someone to help. Everything will grow from this.

You have to make yourself or you will just be as you are now! We always have two choices in life....<br />
#1<br />
To do<br />
#2<br />
Not to do<br />
Simple... needs to be done... DO IT NOW!!!! Or pay someone to hold a gun to your head and make you! Lmao<br />
Southern Smiles,<br />

well, procrastination is the thief of time. get moving!